Top Best Power Banks for 2019
Top Best Power Banks for 2019

Today we are here with the Best 5 Power banks 2019Almost every one of you is using smartphone and the same issue that you have to face with your smartphone is the less battery backup.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is because there are rare smartphone in the market that gives battery backup of more than one day. And if you are travelling you must need some backup thing to make your smartphone remain active. There you use power banks that are very common today. But while choosing power bank you must be aware of certain factors like compatibility with your device, mAh of power bank and the multiple support of devices etc. So in this post i will tell you some of the best power bank that you should buy for your smartphone.

Top Best Power Banks for 2019

#1 OnePlus One 10000 mAh Power Bank

OnePlus One 10000 mAh Power Bank

This is actually an an one of the Best 5 Power bank. As this power bank has the looks better than all other power banks listed below. This power bank has two usb ports with the output of 5V, 2A each, by which you can easily charge your two smartphones at a time. This power bank is available in two colors but i will prefer sand stone black color. The price of this power bank is 1399 INR.

#2 Mi 10400 mAH Power Bank

Mi 10400 mAH Power Bank

As Mi is somehow new in market but their products are selling out with a high speed as their products are having quality features with reasonable prices comparable with other. In this power bank there is availability of only one port but it is very stable and provides multiple cycle of charging. You can only get this power bank in flipkart and but there is also a stock issue. The price o this power bank is 999 INR.

#3 Ambrane P-1000

Ambrane P-1000

This is also an good power bank that have 10400 mAh of capacity. The best thing of this power bank is its multiple device support as this power bank also support iphone device and micro usb too and it have Led indicator on it. This have two 5v,2A output supply that supports charging of multiple device at once.The price of this power bank is 999 INR.



This is an another cool power bank with the capacity of 10000 mAH. The looks of this power bank is also very cool. it has two usb ports with output of 5v,2A and 5V,A. So its support multiple device charging.The price of this power bank is 12000 INR.

#5 Huawei AP007 Honor

Huawei AP007 Honor

This is the power bank with the maximum power capacity of 13000 MAH than other power banks.This power however looks like Mi power bank but in this power bank there are two charging slots with the similar power capacity of 5v,2A and charges with the same power at the both points. Also it completely charges even bigger smartphones. The proce of this power bank is 1399 INR.

So above are the Best 5 Power banks 2019. You can select any of them and make your smartphones active for the long duration during travelling or any other area where you don’t get charging facility. Hope you like our work, so don’t forget too share it with your friends and tell us your favorite power bank in the comment box below.


  1. Hey Manpreet,
    Nice meeting you here! 🙂

    Really great collection of powerbank. I can’t hold myself to looking all the powerbank which you have shared. Each and every
    powerbank are more functionable, stylish and more portable you know.

    I am looking forward for buying powerbank. Because, I do not want to face the lack of energy in my gadgets.

    Thanks for posting this collection of powerbank. 🙂

    Have a nice day ahead 🙂
    – Ravi.


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