Best Time-Lapse Apps For Android 2019
Best Time-Lapse Apps For Android 2019

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all know very well about the possibilities and capabilities of the tech giant Google’s well-known and most used mobile operating system, of course, I am talking about none other than Android. Hence, today in this article we will present you all an awesome list in which we will show you 10 great time-lapsed apps for Android 2019. So, without wasting much time simply get started and explore the list.

10 Best Time-Lapse Apps For Android 2019

We all know very well that how advance and powerful are the current generation smartphones, as the name itself states “Smart”, so, of course, it is very clear that the current generation smartphones are really smart. However, for these smartphones, we should really thank the developers and the capabilities of the devices that we use.

Currently, we all know very well that a good camera is one of the most essential features that we usually try to find in a smartphone, as the current generation smartphones have managed to replace the digital cameras in many cases.

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As within the panorama of photography, there are very varied photographic techniques capable of allowing us to obtain very original and interesting results. One of them and we will talk about today is the TimeLapse.

Yes, the well-known function, of course, TimeLapse is a very popular technique that simply consists in capturing “fast” events that occur slowly. We talked about the typical videos of clouds moving much faster, a sunset in less than 30 seconds or a flower opening. However, this takes time, although we know this technique, we can summarize it in less than a minute. Hence, giving very surprising results.

Here we will show you 10 applications that will allow us to create these videos quickly and share it with our friends and family and even you can also share those videos on your social network profile.

However, in this article, we will simply include the well-known feature, of course, Hyperlapse of the well-known social network platform, Instagram of the social network giant Facebook. But for now, it is only available for the tech giant Apple’s well-known mobile operating system, of course, I am talking about the iOS. Hence, it is expected that soon this new feature of the well-known social network giant Facebook’s Instagram will reach Android as well.

#1 Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

The tech giant Microsoft also points to the trend of the timelapse. Hence, it is intended for professionals, as the tech giant Microsoft has a version for Android and Windows Phone. So, in total, we have two versions, one standard, and another one is PRO.

We can shorten the videos that we record and simply share them quickly with our friends and family. It is also integrated into the Azure Media Services to be able to integrate into other websites or applications as well.

#2 Framelapse – Time Lapse Camera

One of the most famous applications within the tech giant Google’s well-known application store, of course, Google Play Store for the good results it offers. In it, we can control virtually all the necessary parameters to create a good timelapse.

As we can have clean control of making independent videos, like how long we want our final video to be and in the upper right corner, it will show us how long we will have to record. Of course, this will depend on the frames per second that we want to capture. The fewer the frames per second, the original video length will also less.

The interface is very simple and it is very easy to record your first video. In the left part, we can control all the necessary functions, and start recording and play it once it is accelerated.

#3 Hyper Timelapse

Hyper Timelapse simply calls itself a best Hyperlapse alternative for the tech giant Google’s well-known and the most used mobile operating system, of course, I am talking none other than Android. As it features a very simple and clean user interface with which we can easily record videos to create amazing time-lapse.

So, once we have recorded the video we want, we will only have to set a forward speed to create this desired effect. Then, we can simply export and share it on various social networks and instant messaging services.

#4 Lapse It – Time Lapse Camera

Lapse It is one of the well-known rivals of the Framelapse that offers some extraordinary features and good results in the final videos. As this well-known application, of course, Lapse It offers a simpler and closer way to all users to capture and make their own timelapse.

Within the recording settings, we can simply choose how often we want to capture the video. Depending on the result we want, we will have to choose one distance or another, and it depends on us. However, we can also choose the quality of the video as well as the format to which it will be exported and believe me everything is really simple.

#5 Time Lapse

This is the first application capable of creating Timelapse in 4K resolution. As in the previous ones, we can configure the number of frames per second from 1fps to 50fps, depending on what we need. While the 4K recording function is only available for the devices with a camera of 9MP or more.

Moreover, the 4K recording option is available in the form of an in-app purchase and only. As the ability to record up to 24 hours makes it possible to make a really incredible video if we take advantage of the 4K resolution. However, recording to FullHD should also be fantastic.

However, the most interesting thing about this application is that it is available for free but as we said if we want to record in 4K we will need to go through the in-app purchase.

#6 Time Lapse camera

This application, of course, I am talking about none other than the Time Lapse Camera is a unique app for creating Time Lapse. As with this awesome application, of course, Time Lapse Camera you can simply create stunning videos and then you can simply publish them all on the tech giant Google’s giant video platform, of course, YouTube.

Moreover, we all know very well that time lapse is a fast playback of slow processes that are not usually noticeable to our eyes. So, of course, the well-known Time Lapse Camera application is the best app to catch all those moments.

#7 PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse

The all-new PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse is another blockbuster timelapse application that is available for Android devices for free.

As this awesome application, of course, I am talking about none other than the PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse simply allows you to pack all your images into Stop Motion Movies, Stop motion animation and time-lapse, all these features in one application only.

#8 Time Lapse Video Editor Pro

Do you want to convert your current video to an amazing time-lapse one? Or do you want to edit them to create stunning hyper-lapse videos?

Then don’t worry as you are at the right place to get done all your needs and desire about timelapse, yes, I am talking about Tip Lapse Video Editor application with which you can simply create smooth and stable time-lapse videos, and then simply you can upload to the gallery and enhance all your existing videos available.

#9 Stop Motion Maker – Life Lapse

The well-known Life Lapse app for the tech giant Google’s most used and popular mobile operating system Android simply allows you to create personal your own awesome time-lapse and stop-motion videos.

Moreover, with this amazing application, you can simply turn your desired images into looping videos and the most interesting thing about this awesome application is that in this app Zero editing is required and another great feature is that this application doesn’t show any annoying ads.

#10 TimeLapse

TimeLapse is a well-known application for the tech giant Google’s most used mobile operating system, of course, Android that simply lets you capture a set of photos and create a time-lapse video.

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These applications are our best recommendations for you. Hence, as a suggestion, we recommend you to use and try some of these applications simply to find one that meets your expectations. So, what do you think about this list? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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