Let’s admit it, many of us reading this article have the habit of checking the weather daily. We usually need a proper reason to check the weather condition. Still, it’s a sort of addiction for some of us.

It’s a good habit to check the weather before planning travel because it can help you overcome many problems. By checking the weather forecast, one can decide what to wear the next day, whether to cancel a travel trip, whether to carry a raincoat, etc.

Whatever your reason, you can easily grab weather information from the best weather websites. There are plenty of free weather websites available that provide detailed forecasts of current and upcoming weather conditions.

10 Best Weather Websites for Accurate Forecast

Hence, if you are looking for the best sites to check weather reports, you have landed on the right page. Below, we have shared some of the best weather websites in 2022 that you should check out. Let’s get started.

1. Weather.com


Weather.com is one of the best weather websites that you can depend on. The good thing about the site is its user-friendly interface, which is clean and well-organized.

If we leave behind the user interface, Weather.com is known for its accurate weather forecast. On the site, you will find many weather forecast options.

You can view weather forecasts of a day, hourly, 10-day, weekend, monthly, and more. Besides that, the site also tells you about upcoming calamities. Overall, Weather.com is a great site for checking weather reports.

2. TimeandDate


TimeandDate is another great weather website on the list that provides accurate forecasts. The good thing about TimeandDate is that it allows you to check weather reports by pin code, city name, or place.

The user interface of the site is also clean and well-organized. You can check the weather report for the current day, hourly, the 14-day forecast, and climatic changes over the years.

The detailed overview of the weather report in TimeandDate tells you about the temperature, wind direction, humidity, precipitation, and sunrise/sunset time.

3. AccuWeather


AccuWeather is the best weather website on the list, which you shouldn’t miss out on. When it comes to weather forecasting, no other website can beat AccuWeather.

When you open the website, you will see the weather condition of your local location. You also can check the weather report of any other location of your choice.

Apart from detailed weather reports, AccuWeather shares news and videos as well. It also tells you about upcoming severe weather conditions.

The only drawback of AccuWeather is its ads. The ads may sometimes prevent you from accessing the site’s features and can make the website look cluttered.

4. Windy


If you are searching for a weather website that can show radar data in real-time, give Windy a try. It’s a popular site that shows you all possible atmospheric conditions worldwide.

The site’s interface shows a map where you can look for weather reports. A search bar on the top-left corner lets you quickly navigate the map location whose weather report you want to check.

Besides that, you also learn about other things, such as the possibility of rain and thunderstorms, air quality, clouds, waves, snowfall, and more. Overall, Windy is a feature-rich weather website you should take advantage of.

5. WeatherBug


WeatherBug is less popular than the other four sites above; it’s still one of the best weather websites to depend on.

The weather forecast the site provides is highly accurate, and you won’t regret depending on it ever. If we talk about the features, WeatherBug shows you the current and extended local and national weather forecast, news, temperature, live radar, lightning, hurricane alerts, and more.

You even get an option to view the 10-day weather forecast. WeatherBug has an app available for iPhone and Android.

6. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a global community of people connecting data from environmental sensors so that you get the rich, hyperlocal data you need.

The site provides almost everything you want from a weather forecast website. From local news to weather reports, Weather Underground is a one-stop destination for all weather-related information.

While the site’s user interface is not a plus point, the site stands out due to its accurate weather forecast. You can search by location, the sensor networks, check maps & radars, severe weather alerts, etc.

Weather Underground also has its apps available for both Android and iOS. So, if you prefer to check the weather from your mobile, you can download & install its app as well.

7. Skymetweather


Skymetweather is a relatively new website on the list, but still, it’s one of the best weather websites to rely on. The site provides you with hourly, weekly, and extended weather forecasts of your local area.

You even get an option to search weather reports by pin code and country/city name. Other than the weather report, Skymetweather also shows weather news, useful infographics, air pollution index, and more.

Skymet app is also available for both Android and iOS. Hence, if you prefer to check the weather from a smartphone, the Skymet app could be the one for you.

8. Weathercrave


Weathercrave is a relatively new website on the list that provides a free 15-day weather forecast. It’s one of the most dependable weather websites you can use today.

The user interface of Weathercrave is the key point here. You can check the weather forecast for the current day, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Also, the weather website allows you to check the extended weather forecast of up to 15 days. However, the extended weather forecast could be more accurate, and it keeps fluctuating now and then.

9. WeatherAvenue


I have been using this website for the past year, and it’s very accurate. Although it’s a new website, it still provides more accurate weather information than many other sites listed in the article.

WeatherAvenue provides you with detailed weather reports on an hourly and daily basis. You also have the option to check the extended weather forecast of up to 15 days.

To get started with this site, you need to utilize the search bar at the top to search for your location. If your device has GPS functionality, the site can automatically detect your location and show you the weather report.

10. Qweather


Qweather should be on top of your list if you prefer simplicity over everything else. It’s one of the best and good looking weather websites you can use today.

The user interface is very clean and lightweight, showing you the weather forecast for up to 30 days. Apart from the weather report, you can also check the severe weather conditions and air quality, the Satellite + Radar information, etc.

Weather also has its app available for Android, iOS, and macOS. The app’s user interface is also clean and has widget support.

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Almost all websites listed in the article provides free weather forecast. So, these are some of the best weather websites for an accurate forecast. If you want to suggest us any other weather websites, let us know in the comments below.