WhatsApp has improved significantly over the past few years, and now it has most of the features users need. It’s an instant messaging app that lets you send text messages, send photos, make voice and video calls, and share status.

The latest version of WhatsApp also has improved messaging features like disappearing messages, multi-device support, and more. In addition, if you use WhatsApp on the web, you can use browser extensions to get more out of the platform.

Many extensions are available on the Chrome web store that works with WhatsApp web. You can use these extensions to expand the features of the WhatsApp web. Hence, in this article, we will list some of the best WhatsApp extensions you should use today.

List of 10 Best WhatsApp Extensions You Should be Using

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Please note that these extensions were available on the Chrome web store. Hence, they are also compatible with Microsoft Edge and other web browsers based on Chromium. So, let’s check out the extensions.

Important: Using Chrome extensions to expand the features of WhatsApp Web is not always a good idea. Many users have reported account bans after using these Chrome extensions. So, make sure to use these extensions at your own risk.

1. Notifier for WhatsApp Web

Notifier for WhatsApp Web

Notifier for WhatsApp Web is one such extension that every WhatsApp web user would love to have. It’s a Chrome extension that sends notifications directly on your Google Chrome browser without opening the WhatsApp web.

So, if you have the Notifier for WhatsApp Web extension installed on your Chrome browser, you won’t have to keep the WhatsApp web running in a background tab all the time. So, Notifier for WhatsApp Web is one of the great Chrome extensions that WhatsApp web users shouldn’t miss.

2. EazyBe


EazyBe may not be as popular as the other options on the list; still, it’s one of the best WhatsApp extensions for Chrome that you can use today.

The EazyBe chrome extension adds many functionalities to your WhatsApp web. After installing the extension, you can schedule messages, sort chats, set quick replies, set reminders, and more.

You can even use this Chrome extension to send messages to unsaved numbers, prioritize chats, etc. Overall, EazyBe is an excellent WhatsApp extension you should use today.

3. WAToolkit


WAToolkit is one of the best Chrome extensions on the list that brings a set of valuable and lightweight tools for WhatsApp web clients.

The WhatsApp extensions for Chrome enable always-on desktop notifications, the WhatsApp button on the toolbar, and more. In addition, the extension is extremely lightweight and doesn’t affect your PC’s performance.

4. Multi Chat

Multi Chat

Multi Chat is one of the unique extensions you can use on your web browser. It lets you open WhatsApp and other popular messengers right on your browser.

With Multi Chat, you can read and reply to messages on WhatsApp web, Telegram web, Slack desktop, Line, Instagram DM, WeChat online, and more.

5. Cooby


If you deal with many messages on WhatsApp, you will find Cooby very useful. It’s a Chrome extension that provides you access to WhatsApp web and sorts your chats into tabs.

Once installed, Cooby groups your Chat into tabs on WhatsApp. For example, it adds an Unread tab to check all missed messages. Similarly, you also get other tabs for chats that await a reply, need a reply, and more.

6. WA Web Utils

WA Web Utils

WA Web Utils is a Chrome extension that lets you send bulk messages to WhatsApp. You can use this Chrome extension to send bulk messages from your computer to your customers, contacts, and prospective leads.

You can even use this extension to create message templates for your business needs.

7. WA Web Plus

WA Web Plus

WA Web Plus is another best Chrome extension on the list that every WhatsApp web user should use. With WA Web Plus, you can blur messages and images, view status secretly, hide your typing status, pin conversations to the top, and more.

The Chrome extension brings all missing features to the WhatsApp web for personal and business use.

8. Zapp


If you deal with many audio recordings on your WhatsApp web, Zapp might be the perfect extension for you. It adds audio controls to the WhatsApp web version.

You can control the audio files shared on WhatsApp with this extension. For example, you can change the recording’s speed and volume.

9. Privacy Extension

Privacy Extension

If you use WhatsApp web in an environment where anyone can peek over your shoulder, you need to use Privacy Extension. Privacy Extension is a WhatsApp extension on the list that hides various elements on the interface until you hover over them.

Once installed, it hides the messages, media, input field, profile pictures, and more. To unveil the hidden elements, you need to hover your mouse over them.

10. WAIncognito


WAIncognito is a Chrome extension that lets you view other people’s read receipts and last seen, without giving away yours. After installing this extension, you can look at chats without anyone being able to tell you’ve looked at them.

The extension also blocks WhatsApp’s last seen status to the other users.

These are the best Chrome extensions for WhatsApp web users. Almost all extensions listed in the article were available on the Chrome web store and can be downloaded for free. If you know of any other such extensions, let us know in the comments.