If you are willing to become an ethical hacker, you need to know how networks work. So, first, talk about WiFi networks; many users search for WiFi hacking apps.

WiFi hacking apps exist for Android but are not meant to hack WiFi passwords. Instead, the WiFi Hacking apps for Android allow you to scan the entire network to find potential vulnerabilities.

Anyone willing to learn ethical hacking needs to have proper knowledge of how WiFi networks work. To grab knowledge, one can start using WiFi hacking apps. There are plenty of quality WiFi hacking apps available out there that you can use to test network security.

20 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android

In this article, we have decided to share a list of Android’s best WiFi hacking apps. You can test your network security to learn new things with these apps. So, let’s check out.

Important: The Android apps mentioned in the article are for education purposes only. Hacking or attempting to crack someone else’s WiFi security is an unethical and criminal offense.

1. NetSpot


NetSpot is one of the top-rated WiFi analyzer apps on the Play Store. It’s not a WiFi hacking app; it helps you analyze WiFi coverage with comprehensive visualizations.

With NetSpot, you can scan your and surrounding wireless networks, observe the changes in data chats in real-time, compare networks by signal strength, test the internet speed, use filters for scanned networks, and more.

While the app misses out on advanced & technical things, it’s the best for beginners who want to learn about network or wireless security.

2. IP Tools

IP Tools

IP Tools is a set of powerful network tools to speed up and set up networks. With IP Tools, you can easily detect network problems, boost network performance, and more.

The app brings various tools such as Ping, LAN Scanner, Port Scanner, DNS Lookup, Whois, Router Setup page, Traceroute, WiFi analyzer, and more.

You can even use this tool to find devices connected to your WiFi network. Overall, IP Tools is a great WiFi analyzer app for Android you should use today.

3. Wps connect

WPS Connect

If you are searching for an app to test network security, then WPS Connect might be the best pick. This app can disable other users’ net connections on the same WiFi network.

While the developer of WPS Connect says that the app is designed to verify the security of a WiFi router, it can do a wide range of evil things too. Currently, the app only works with rooted Android devices and isn’t fully compatible with the latest Android.

4. WiFi Wps Wpa Tester

WiFi Wps Wpa Tester’s sole purpose is to scan WiFi networks for vulnerabilities. With this app, you can easily find out if there’s any vulnerability in your Access Point WiFi.

If you have an older version of Android, like Android 7 or Android 8, you can use it to test WPS PIN Attacks. By running the test attacks, you will understand if your Access Point wireless or router is safe.

After analyzing your network, WiFi Wps Wpa Tester also suggests making your access point more secure.

5. WiFi Kill

Wifi Kill

Well, WiFi Kill is one of the best wireless network scanner apps for Android that scans and displays all devices connected to your Wifi network.

The app has a relatively simple user interface, and you can use it to disconnect all devices connected to your WiFi. However, to remove all devices connected to your network, WiFi Kill requires root access to your phone.

6. WiFi Inspect

Wifi Inspect

It is a multi-purpose tool intended for computer security professionals and advanced users who wish to monitor the networks they own or have permission to.

The app serves as a security audit tool and not a hacking tool. So must try out this excellent app on your Android device.

7. ZAnti Penetration Testing Android Hacking Toolkit

ZAnti Penetration Testing Android Hacking Toolkit

It is a mobile penetration testing toolkit that lets security managers assess the risk level of a network with the push of a button.

This easy-to-use mobile toolkit enables IT Security Administrators to simulate an advanced attacker to identify the malicious techniques they use in the wild to compromise the corporate network.

8. Fing Networks Tools

Fing Networks Tools

This is one of the best network analyzer tools for your rooted Android. You can use this app to know detailed information about your WiFi network type, IP Address, and more.

Usually, Fing is used to detect devices connected to the WiFi network. But it can also be used for other purposes, like running a Ping test, checking network speed, and more.

So, if you are searching for an Android app to evaluate security levels, detect intruders, and resolve network issues, Fing might be your best pick.

9. Arpspoof


Well, Arpspoof is an open-source app which is made by Dug Song. While many consider Arpspoof a WiFi hacker app, it’s designed for network auditing.

This app redirects traffic on the local network by forging ARP replies and sending them to a specific target or all the hosts on the local network paths.

The app may be complicated, but it’s one of the best and most powerful options in the Wireless network hacking section.

10. Nmap for Android

Nmap for Android

Nmap or network mapper is among the different network scanner (port finder) tools.

The tool is mainly developed for Unix OS but is now available for Windows and Android. This app is not official, but it works with both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones.

11. WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder

If you are searching for the best app to find free or paid public WiFi hotspots online or offline, then the WiFi finder might be the best.

It can view WiFi hotspot detail, call the location, get directions or share the hotspot, Filter results by location (cafe, hotel, etc.) or provider type, Scan for WiFi hotspots around you

12. WiFi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer

It is one of the exciting apps available on the Google Play Store. The app turns your Android phone into a WiFi analyzer.

Once turned on, it shows the WiFi channels around you and helps you find a less crowded channel for your wireless router.

13. Aircrack-ng


You can use Aircrack-ng to test the network security to ensure you have implemented enough protection to secure your network.

Through this app, you can make sure your WiFi network is protected. In addition, developers have ported aircrack-ng to run on Android.

14. Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali Linux Nethunter

Everyone knows about Kali Linux. Kali Linux is an operating system used for various ethical hacking purposes.

Kali Linux Nethunter is the first open-source Android penetration testing platform you can use for ethical hacking purposes.

15. Intercepter-NG


This is another best WiFi hacking apps useful for network discovery with OS detection and other features like traffic analysis with passwords and file recovery.

However, this app needs an app known as Busybox to run on an Android device, and you need a rooted device to use this excellent app.

16. WIBR+


This is another best apps you can use on your Android device to test the security of WPA/WPA2 PSK WiFi networks.

The app allows users to perform brute force and dictionary attacks to test the security level of the WiFi network. The app is available in two different versions – Free and Pro.

17. Reaver


Reaver is one of the best and most popular WiFi hacking apps available for the Android operating system, allowing users to hack the WiFi network from Android devices.

This is a simple-to-use Reaver-GUI for Android devices with monitor-mode support. The app can detect WPS-enabled routers and also have support for External Script

18. Penetrate Pro

Penetrate Pro

This is one of the popular apps available for the Android operating system that you can use to calculate and find WEP/WPA keys. Penetrate Pro for Android is known for searching and displaying NETWORK KEYS.

The app is unavailable in the Google Play Store for some reason. So, you need to install the app manually.

19. AndroDumper


Well, if you are looking for the most advanced WiFi hacking app, AndroDumper might be your best choice. The app is straightforward to use and works on non-rooted Android devices.

The Android WiFi hacking app relies upon brute force and dictionary attacks to crack any WiFi password. The app has the potential, but it’s very slow to crack WiFi passwords because it tries all dictionary passwords.

20. Shark For Root

Shark For Root

If you are looking for the Android version of Wireshark, then Shark For Root might be the best pick. Guess what? Security researchers and hackers widely use Shark For Root.

It’s a traffic-sniffing utility that works on WiFi. To make the app work, you need to use tcpdump commands.

WiFi Hacking Apps FAQs

After getting the name of the apps, you may still have a few questions. Below, we have answered some of the most asked questions about WiFi hacking apps.

Which App gives WiFi Password?

There are many apps on the list that lets you extract WiFi Passwords. However, grabbing the WiFi password of someone else is illegal, and you should avoid it.

Can anyone hack my WiFi with these apps?

Anyone with advanced security/pen-testing knowledge can crack your WiFi password. To avoid such things, it’s best to ensure proper WiFi security. The best thing you can do is set super strong WiFi passwords.

What can hackers access if they hack your WiFi?

If someone manages to hack your WiFi network, they can monitor your unencrypted traffic. This can include spying on your browsing activities. However, even professionals can’t hack into your network if your WiFi is protected and you have a strong password.

How to Find My WiFi Password?

You don’t need a third-party app if you want to know the passwords of your saved WiFi network. A built-in feature on Android shows you the password of saved WiFi networks. For that, follow our guide – View Saved Wifi Passwords On Android.

These are the best Android apps to analyze wifi networks. You can use these apps to find loopholes in your WiFi networks. However, please misuse these apps for unethical things. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.



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