Earlier Bill Gates made headlines quoting that “He Backs FBI” in the “Backdoor” row. The Financial Times had reported that Gates also inquired Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook’s enactment of the case as a demand for a “backdoor”. However, Gates refuted the claims about his support to FBI.

Bill Gates Denies Reports Saying “He Backs FBI” in iPhone “Backdoor” Row

Bill Gates while giving interview with Bloomberg said that he was “Disappointed” by reports FBI in the Backdoor row with Apple, he said “that doesn’t state my view on this.”

Gates refuted the different news reports saying that he is reportedly backing government’s agency FBI over an iPhone “Backdoor”. He further said that he was disappointed by the reports saying that he had interview with The Financial Times. He emphasized that news reports about him don’t really show’s his attitude.

“I do believe that with the right safeguards, there are cases where the government, on our behalf, like stopping terrorism, which could get worse in the future, that that is valuable. But striking that balance–clearly the government has taken information historically and used it in ways we didn’t expect, going all the way back to say the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover,” Gates said. “I’m hoping now we can have the discussion. I do believe there are sets of safeguards where the government shouldn’t have to be completely blind.”

Gates was asked to give his opinion about what should be done in this specific case, he replied that this issue should be handed over to courts and Congress. He further said that the situation gives the chance for debate about security.

“You don’t want to just take the minute after a terrorist event and swing that direction, nor do you want to in general completely swing away from government access when you get some abuse being revealed. You want to strike that balance that the United States leads in setting example.”

Apple wrote in customer letter that “The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. We oppose this order, which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand”.

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