BlackBerry To Stop Making Its Own Smartphones
BlackBerry To Stop Making Its Own Smartphones

As we all know that Blackberry is famous for making phones with a physical keyboard and has struggled to keep speed with rival companies and the growing popularity of touchscreen technology. Hence, now Blackberry has decided to stop making its own smartphones after falling behind the rivals firms like Apple, Samsung and other Chinese brands.

BlackBerry To Stop Making Its Own Smartphones

There are brands and companies that are iconic in the world of technology and BlackBerry has always had a prominent place. But after several problems and several attempts at recovery, the company never managed to win back their status and their fame.

To end these problems and allow focus on more profitable areas, the BlackBerry has now announced that it will cease production of smartphones.

It was during the presentation of results for the last quarter that BlackBerry announced that it will give up once the production of its smartphones. The reason behind this decision was purely economic and is intended to reduce costs.

But this decision will not remove the BlackBerry market. The brand is now sold by partners who will develop their own products using these only the BlackBerry name.

The BlackBerry’s decision is not exactly a novelty. Over the time it began to leave this area, dropping the BBOS at the expense of Android and the CEO of the brand itself had already warned in September as the month of all decisions. If the hardware division present non-profits, would be closed. The report points this quarter to a loss of $8 million.

Also, the latest models showed that the BlackBerry was having less of a concern with the quality of their smartphones and that they were already using adapted equipment from other brands, they are also produced by partners.

The company already has a partnership with a manufacturer in Indonesia that will create and market the equipment with the brand in the region.

With the new focus on the software falls, so land another technology giant that dominated the market for years. Unfortunately not able to adapt and eventually did not keep up with competition and agreed late for that now consumers want.