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Bluetooth Devices Can be Tracked Directly over The Internet Soon

We all have gadgets having Bluetooth based sensors but we are not able to connect it directly to the Internet. Almost all devices have Bluetooth connectivity like basic mobiles and smartphones, however they need another device in order to link these devices to the Internet. In other words we can say, you must be also present there while carrying some processes.

Bluetooth Devices Can be Tracked Directly over The Internet Soon

They primarily require an intermediary device to gain Internet access in order to control it from our home. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has launched an architecture  which provides Bluetooth devices direct access to the Internet. Earlier, you required an intermediary device in order to allow connection to the web but Bluetooth SIG made it possible for a connection to the cloud.

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Although it will take some time for smartphone manufacturers to enable these features in the devices. Bluetooth Special Interest Group announced that, you will be soon able to connect to an internet gateway without requiring your gadget or smartphones. It further said that all upcoming versions of its connection will permit any Bluetooth Sensor to transmit data to the cloud and back again.

This Special feature will allow users to monitor and control fixed Bluetooth Sensors from a distant place.

So, this is all about the upcoming Bluetooth technology which will allow Bluetooth devices to get directly tracked over the Internet. You may see this feature in your smartphones very soon. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.


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