Google has been ordered to remove its search results from its website by the canadian supreme court. The case doesnot deals with copyright issues or something like that. Goggle searches showed some illegal conent which led to the decision of the courts to  compel the earch resultd to remove golbally.

Canada Orders Google To Remove Search Results Worldwide

A small Canadian lawyer with the help from the Supreme Court of Canada has ordered Google to remove its search results, that is being called the de-indexing order. The decision is made by the Canadian telecommunications equipment manufacturer named Equustek Solutions sued Google for selling their products and linking it in their search results. called Datalink,  which is reselling the same products by illegal means. By the decision of the court, Google was told to de-index 345 web pages that are associated with their search results. But the tech giant disagreed.

Google had claimed that it doest have to do anything in this case but it became viral when Equustek Solutions claimed that Google’s search results helped to send visitors to the other company’s website who were selling unlawful products but the claim got in the name of the original company.

The case was thought strong enough so was taken to the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled that Google must de-index all those web pages that get linked with  Equustek Solutions because “without the strong claim, it was clear that Google would continue to reindex all those pages.

Google cannot appeal against the Supreme Court’s decision, but the company can still petition the lower court for the case for the worldwide ban of Datalink’s websites. But at this time Google hasn’t still taken out a decision or any further step ahead.

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