[dropcap]L[/dropcap]et’s have a look the guide for How To Change Bio & Posts Font on Instagram In Android as such things are possible only on the android as this platform support number of cool apps that will be doing this job for you. So that you can have the coolest Insta Bio to share with your friends. So have a look at the complete guide discussed below to proceed.

You must have read my lots of guide that I have written regarding the Instagram and I always come up some amazing guide that can help you to implement something amazing on your Insta account. Well, these all are possible with the apps that the developers made and we brand their usefulness so that to make the things happen to you. Like making the coolest Bio. Well, the Instagram only supports by default text while writing the Insta BIO but you can change the trend now and can add some amazing font between them so that your BIO looks good to your friends. Also, you can use the same way while posting the normal posts. And the method is quite simple that you can implement in a few minutes as the only thing that you will need is to get the app that we are going to discuss in this guide. And that app will support the possible fonts so that you can write the posts and BIO in the amazing font. Simply type, copy and post. So have a look at the complete tutorial below to proceed.

On Insta I saw lots of BIOs but few of them were quite different as they were using some cool Fonts that I never knew that can be used in Insta BIO also. So I researched over the internet that how can I use the different Fonts on Instagram well some sites provide the content in the changed font but I want that dynamic and also those were not working properly on the BIO. So I get to know about the app using which I can write the amazing lines in the Android itself and after writing it I can simply copy and paste the matter to the posts or BIO. I tried it and found the positive results. So I thought of writing the guide on this for the Techviral visitors as I made my profile look cool so you can also do the same by following the simple few steps. So follow the below step by step guide to the proceeding.

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How To Change Bio & Posts Font on Instagram In Android

The method is quite simple and straight and it will hardly take 5 minutes to use it and an even nontechnical guy can easily do that. So let’s have a look at the steps for this.

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Steps To Change Bio & Posts Font on Instagram In Android:

  1. First of all, you need an Android app that can replace the font of your device while writing and for this purpose, I choose the app “Font Changer” this is the app that will allow you to choose the custom font.
  2. Once the app is installed simply open it. And you will see the black space where you can write the BIO according to your wish. Now its time to change the font there you will see the three dots button simply tap on it and you will see a number of available fonts.

    How To Change Bio & Posts Font on Instagram In Android
    How To Change Bio & Posts Font on Instagram In Android

  3. Simply choose the one that you think will look perfect for you. Once you are done simply finish writing the BIO. And once that is done you can copy the complete content by either manually copying the data or by pressing the copy button in the app.

    How To Change Bio & Posts Font on Instagram In Android
    How To Change Bio & Posts Font on Instagram In Android

  4. Now you need to open the Insta account of yours where you want to paste that BIO and other profile settings you will see the BIO. Delete the old one and simply paste the copied BIO from the clipboard. You will see the same font in the BIO. Simply click on the save button there.
  5. That’s it you are done, now you will see that amazing font will be implemented on the BIO and that will look cool now. Also, you can do the same for your posts also the only thing you need is to write copy and then paste in the Instagram.

    How To Change Bio & Posts Font on Instagram In Android
    How To Change Bio & Posts Font on Instagram In Android

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So the above guide is all about Change Bio & Posts Font on Instagram In Android, Use the guide to get some amazing BIO and posts content in the Fonts that you liked the most. And that is done with the simple android that is available for free on the play store. Hope you like the information that I shared above, do share with your friends also so that they can also implement the same in their Android devices. If you have any related query with this then please do let us know we will be happy to assist you in your issues. Also if you have any new topic in the mind then share with me in the comment box.



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