The trend of AI is increasing with each passing day. It all started with OpenAI announcing its new AI chatbot named ChatGPT. ChatGPT has forced many tech companies to implement AI features on their apps and web services.

Since the AI world is slowly revolutionizing the digital world, ChatGPT is something you should take advantage of if you don’t want to fall behind. ChatGPT, when it was first launched, gained millions of users within a few weeks.

The new AI chatbot is in so much demand that the OpenAI servers have crashed many times. However, a few months after its launch, OpenAI introduced a paid plan for ChatGPT known as ChatGPT Plus. ChatGPT Plus provides users priority access to the experimental features & has better response times.

Since the demand for ChatGPT is relatively high, you may occasionally face problems accessing its official websites. Recently, many users have messaged us asking what ChatGPT Error 1015 means and how to get rid of it.

What is ChatGPT Error 1015?

The ‘ChatGPT Error 1015 You are being rate limited’ is an error screen users face while accessing the chatbot. This screen usually appears when a user exceeds the rate limit for accessing the ChatGPT services.

The error screen also states that the website’s owner ( has banned you temporarily from accessing this website. This means that you’ve been temporarily blocked from accessing the AI chatbot.

While the actual reason for the error screen is still unknown, it’s said that when the site experiences high traffic or is under maintenance, it limits the number of users who can log into ChatGPT.

How to Fix ChatGPT Error 1015?

If you see Error 1015 while accessing the ChatGPT services, don’t worry! Error 1015 doesn’t always mean there’s a problem at your end. Most of the time, it was a server-side issue, and the ban was temporary.

However, a few things are still in your hands and can provide instant access to the AI Chatbot. Below, we have shared some simple steps to fix ChatGPT Error 1015.

1. Refresh the ChatGPT Webpage

Reload the Page

The first thing you should do if you’ve just encountered the Error 1015 screen is refresh the page.

Refreshing the page will possibly rule out the bugs & glitches that may be preventing you from accessing the AI chatbot. So, click the Reload button beside the URL and try again.

2. Check if the ChatGPT Servers are down

Check ChatGPT Servers

The second best thing you should do is to check whether the ChatGPT servers are running fine. Users see the ‘ChatGPT Error 1015’ screen when the site is down or under maintenance.

So, before you come to any conclusion, checking the OpenAI’s server status is recommended. If the ChatGPT server status shows down, you must wait a few hours.

3. Write Shorter Questions

Asking complex or longer questions often leads to ‘ChatGPT error 1015 rate limited’ error message. Also, you need to ensure you are not generating too fast responses.

So, if you want to avoid the ChatGPT rate limit in the future, it’s best to enter clear & shorter prompts. Also, you can break down your main question into parts, and ChatGPT will respond to your questions faster and without any errors.

It’s also important to note that ChatGPT can answer your follow-up questions so that you can use this thing to your advantage as well.

4. Make Sure Your Device is Not Connected to the VPN

Best VPN for Mac

Maybe OpenAI has banned you temporarily from accessing ChatGPT because you’re using a VPN or Proxy connection. If you use a VPN app to unblock ChatGPT, it’s best to turn it off for a while and try reaccessing the chatbot.

When you connect to a VPN server, your computer tries to connect to OpenAI’s server from a different location. Chances are that the IP Address assigned to your PC is far away from the servers of OpenAI or is spammed.

So, it’s recommended to turn off the VPN app for a while and try accessing the chatbot again. If VPN is a problem, you can access the ChatGPT without error.

5. Log Out and Log In

Many users on OpenAI’s forum have claimed to fix ChatGPT error 1015 rate limited error just by logging out & logging back into their OpenAI account.

It’s a very effective solution for resolving various ChatGPT related errors. Logging out will remove all bugs or glitches causing the problem. Here’s how you can log out & log in to ChatGPT.

Log Out

  • Open ChatGPT on your web browser.
  • Next, click the three dots beside your name and select Log out.
  • Once you log out, log in again.

That’s it! Once done, you need to use ChatGPT for a while. Check whether you still get to see the error screen.

6. Contact the ChatGPT support team

Contact the ChatGPT Support Team

If nothing works in your favor and you still get the ‘ChatGPT Error 1015 Rate limited’ error screen, it’s best to take the help of OpenAI’s support team.

You need to contact the OpenAI’s support team & ask them to look into the issues. Explain to them the problem and provide all the details they ask for.

If the problem is from their end, it will be fixed within a few days. You can contact the OpenAI support team using this email address: [email protected]

7. Use ChatGPT Alternatives

Best ChatGPT Alternatives

While ChatGPT is the best free AI chatbot out there, it’s not the only one. If you still get the same error screen, instead of wasting time on the site, you can try the ChatGPT alternatives.

Some text-based AI Chatbots are as good as ChatGPT, and some offer better features. We have already shared a list of the best ChatGPT alternatives. Make sure to go through the list and pick the chatbot that suits your needs.

So, this guide is about fixing ChatGPT Error 1015 rate limited error. The error usually resolves itself within a few hours. So, waiting for a few hours will automatically unban your account. Let us know if you need more help resolving Error 1015 in ChatGPT.


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