Chinese scientists managed to keep their artificial sun on form an entire minute. The reactor was able to maintain a temperature of 50 million Kelvins, that’s 3 times as hot as Sun’s core.

China Keeps Their “Artificial Sun” On For An Entire Minute!

Back in February this year, scientists of china had managed to create an artificial sun that is three times hotter that our Sun’s core. Without any doubt, it was a great invention.

Chinese Scientists have managed to create searing plasma by heating hydrogen gas three times hotter than our Sun’s core. In short, scientists were able to make a nuclear reactor plasma which reached a temperature of 50 million Kelvins.

According to the statement on the institute’s website on Wednesday, the temperature was “roughly the same as the mid-sized thermonuclear explosion”. This time the scientists have managed to sustain the fusion for an entire minute.

As reported by, the whole experiment was conducted using China’s Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) which is housed at the institute of Plasma Physics in Hefei.

The aim of this experiment is to create an exact copy of nuclear fusion happening deep within the Sun’s core. China’s Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) reactor create a hot ionized gas which is known as plasma (where atoms were fused together to create massive amount of energy)

The complete process is somehow different from nuclear fission where atoms are divided instead of merging together. This achievement makes China one step closer to the practical fusion power, it would be interesting to see how the world responds to it.

Therefore, the race to achieve the massive amount of energy from nuclear fusions is heating up. Express your views in the comment box below.