Choose Best MicroSD card for Android Device
Choose Best MicroSD card for Android Device

Now choose best MicroSD card for Android Device by following the guide in which you will get to know about all the types and capacity of the SD card that you need to know before buying SD card for your device.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]icroSD are the storage expanding chips for the devices that all support them, most of the portable devices like smartphones, cameras or other gaming devices etc that require the data expansion have the Micro SD card slots most probably. Now using the external storage card for the expansion of the storage means that the device interacts with the SD cards and hence transfer and store the data as per the user requests. Every SD card doesn’t have the same speed of transferring data, storage and the quality that is actually the must have requirement for the secure storing and the fast transfer rate of the data. The Android device users have the heavy demand for the SD cards and this is because they require up to the more storage space for their data, while the internal space is limited. For the fast data transfers and secure data management, the SD cards need to be lots better. If you are sucking to the question “Which Micro SD card could be best suited for your device” while thinking of buying the Micro SD card for your Android device then just don’t worry. We have written the preferable ways in this article which all you could follow to choose the best Micro SD card for your Android device. Just read those ways from the article.

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How to Choose Best MicroSD card for Android Device

For getting the best one, you need to follow simple and easy guide that will help you in choosing that. So follow it below.

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Type of MicroSD Card:

  • SDSC or Secure Digital Standard Capacity– Storage Capacity range from 128 MB to 2 GB and utilizes the FAT16 system.
  • SDHC or Secure Digital High Capacity– Storage Capacity range from 4GB to 32 GB and uses the FAT16 system. Not compatible with the backward device that only supports the SD card.
  • SDXC or Secure Digital Extended Capacity– Storage Capacity range from 64 GB to 2 TB and uses the exFAT16 system. Remember that these types of cards are highly advance and mid-range or low-end devices won’t accept these or work perfectly.
  • Branded MicroSD Card: Never go for any cheap quality and unknown branded MicroSD card, always choose the one from the reputable brands and only their original products. Fake always ditch!
  • Storage Capacity: Check your device compatibility for the maximum rate of the storage space of the MicroSD card that it supports. Prefer to use the MicroSD card with a slightly lower value of storage space as this would be helpful for your device to handle that much space with ease.
  • Data Transfer Speed: Different MicroSD cards have a different value of data transfer rate, and for the best performance on your Android device, you should prefer only to go for the highest compatible data transfer speed. Take a look at the different class of MicroSD card speed rates:
  • Class 2 Cards: The slowest MicroSD cards, better avoid these!
  • Class 4 and 6 Cards: Could be used for basic usage of storing photos, images or low-grade videos, etc. These cards have slightly good data transfer rate but are not meant for the Android devices. Try to avoid these types of MicroSD cards too!
  • Class 10 Cards: Better option for taking full HD videos (1080p) at a maximum of 60fps. This could be considered as the first option for your Android devices with basic quality data management but at the specifically higher speed that won’t stuck at all. This is the must to choose the type of SD card for the low end and mid end Android devices!
  • UHS-I Cards: The one of the fastest available MicroSD card type with the ultimate speed of 104 MB/s and the lowest speed of 35 MB/s. It could be easily used for 4K videos with the frame rate of 60fps.
  • UHS-II Cards: The ultimate MicroSD card in case of speed, the maximum speed up to 312 MB/s and the possible lowest speed of 152 MB/s. It could be easily used for 4K videos with the frame rate of 60fps.

Extend Android System Space

The Android 6.0 or newer version has a new function integrated within it by which the users could adopt the MicroSD storage for being used as the system space for carrying on the processes and hence after that the SD card becomes non-removable. Now if you are also willing to increase the Android system space by using the MicroSD card then always prefer to use the supported card with the highest possible speed or the transfer rate. This would affect the actual boosting of the system performance but the lower transfer rate cards don’t tend to boost up more potential of the Android device.

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After getting up all the preferable ways for choosing the best MicroSD card for your Android device, you could now easily select the best quality as well as well supported MicroSD card for your Android. Remember that if you have a best-supported MicroSD card installed on your device, then the device would interact securely and fastly with SD card without even affecting the performance of your device.