We all know that Wikileaks is revealing the malicious tools of CIA and NSA. However, recently, the popular leakster, of course, Wikileaks has revealed the secret Missile Control System of the Central Intelligence Agency of United States (CIA).

Wikileaks Just Unveiled CIA’s Secret Missile Control System

The leaks portal WikiLeaks has recently published four classified documents on the Protego project of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on Thursday. This project of US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) deals with a missile control system developed by US military defense contractor Raytheon.

The new filtration, which is part of a series of secret materials called Vault 7, indicates that the system is installed aboard an airplane from Pratt & Whitney, equipped with air-to-air and/or air missile launch systems – Earth.

According to WikiLeaks, Protego is not the usual malware development project like all other projects they revealed in previous WikiLeaks publications, although it is not specified how it differs.

However, the new publication details micro controller units that exchange data and signals through encrypted and authenticated channels, which are used aboard Pratt & Whitney Aircraft.

These units include Master Processor and Deployment Box systems, which have microcontrollers for the missile, among other elements.

“Missiles can only be launched if all signals received by the Master Processor system are set to ‘true’,” says WikiLeaks, adding that the encryption and authentication keys are configured to self-destruct in order to safeguard the technology.

This leak is the latest in the WikiLeaks Vault 7 series, which details malware, viruses, trojans, remote control systems and associated CIA documentation.

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