Recently, after releasing Vault 7 now Wikileaks has released a new installment of the Vault 8 leaks series on CIA’s malicious hacking tools to spy on its targets. According to the recent leaks from Wikileaks, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has a spying tool known as Hive.

Source Code For CIA’s Spying Tool Hive Released By Wikileaks

WikiLeaks has unveiled again a series of documents and leaks – under the code name Vault 8 – through which it makes known with greater certainty what are the tools used by the CIA to hide and distribute its malicious code.

WikiLeaks, the international non-profit organization (founded by the controversial Julian Assange) has recently presented a new series of documents and leaks related to the secret work done by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency of the United States) to exercise electronic surveillance through unconventional tactics on the Internet.

This time, the developer material has been classified under the name Vault 8, an evolution of Vault 7, which aims to spread as the US agency uses a number of tools, called Project HIVE to remotely manage the deployment of malicious code, the type malware, with which they gather information from the Web.

Specifically, HIVE is a covert communication platform used by the US security agency to hide and distribute its malware. To such a point that, as detailed by a well-known media, it has become known that the agency pretended to be the computer security company Kaspersky.

This mode of concealment has been functional to the organization since with HIVE it has had the possibility of carrying out programmed cyber attacks, avoiding being discovered and even using the infrastructure of different servers in the world to hide the traceability of the information collected and avoid its tracking.

The source code used by the CIA creates a fake Kaspersky security certificate to simulate that it was digitally signed by Thawte Premium Server CA, Cape Town and, thereby, attribute to other organizations the responsibility for actions executed with the malware.

Since the publication of this series of documents, WikiLeaks has shown how the US agency is able to use all kinds of tools to monitor and control all the information circulating on the Internet. In principle, it is one of its primordial objectives.

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