Let’s have a look at the method to Convert Your Speech Into Text in Windows 10 using the inbuilt feature of your operating system that will help you to change your voice into text. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ictation is the easiest way to write down the text, perform up to the tasks and also the controlling of numerous tasks. Windows right from the 7 version is being implemented with the Windows Speech Recognition that is the extensive software to make up dictation of the tasks. In Windows 10 the usage style for dictation software have changed immensely. The users often are found looking for the way to make up the utilization procedure of dictation in Windows 10. To let shorten the work for the users to find out the recognition software dictation procedure in Windows 10 we have written up this article. We have written about the whole steps and the ways for the dictation over Windows 10. And using the feature you can directly have your speech converted into the relevant text that you can use anywhere of your requirements and this gonna save your lots of efforts and time that you were going to put while typing the same on the PC.  If you are seeking for the detailed guidance for this same topic then please be on this page. Read the post until the end of the page and hence mark down the steps.

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How To Convert Your Speech Into Text in Windows 10

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to use the speech recognition feature of your Windows 10. So follow the below steps to proceed.

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Steps To Convert Your Speech Into Text in Windows 10:

#1 To start up the Windows Speech Recognition module inside the Windows 10 press Win + H keys on the keyboard. This would show you the touch options over the screen where there would be one microphone icon.

Dictate on Windows 10
Convert Your Speech Into Text in Windows 10

#2 To start up the listening of this module you need to press the microphone icon. Once the listening process gets initiated you are made able to make up the navigation as well as the dictation with various other functions.

Dictate on Windows 10
Convert Your Speech Into Text in Windows 10

#3 Now using various different commands for the module you could navigate on your computer through the voice alone. To check for the different voice commands for the recognition software you can either head on to the help section of this module or either go to the internet and search there. Use the commands and make use of them in a certain way to fulfill your tasks.

#4 To Dictate, open any compatible text writing software like notepad, emailing apps etc and then point the cursor to the text field and start to dictate for the text. Speak in proper language and it would get imprinted as soon on the screen as it is.

Dictate on Windows 10
Convert Your Speech Into Text in Windows 10

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Since you are now at the end of this post this is supposed that you would have got to know about the total information regarding the usage of voice dictation on Windows 10.  Please share this post with others and also provide us with your valuable opinions as well as suggestions regarding this article. If you really liked the whole content of this post then please tend to share it over with your friends and as many people as you could!



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