If you want to keep your PC in good health, you need to monitor the system resources. Since we now do lots of stuff with our Windows computers, monitoring system resources becomes important.

Knowing the peaks of your computer’s capabilities and limitations can be a lifesaver in several situations. So, if you want to utilize your computer at its full potential without damaging or overheating it, then you need to monitor CPU temperature as well.

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List of 10 Best CPU Temperature Monitor Tools For Windows

This article will share a list of the best CPU temperature monitor software for Windows 10 and Windows 11. So, let’s check out.

1. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is one of the best and top-rated Windows 10 software to check the temperature and other CPU aspects. The software has a very clean interface, and it’s incredibly lightweight.

With Open Hardware Monitor, you can monitor voltage, fan speeds, and clock speeds as well. Apart from that, it tells a lot about your Motherboard and Graphics unit also.

2. CPU Thermometer

CPU Thermometer

CPU Thermometer is another best CPU monitoring tool on the list which works with AMD and Intel processors.

The great thing about the CPU Thermometer is that it shows the CPU cores and their temperature. Not only that, but the CPU Thermometer also shows the CPU load capacity for each core.

3. Core Temp

Core Temp

If you are searching for a lightweight and easy-to-use CPU temperature monitoring tool for Windows 10, you need to give Core Temp a try.

It’s a lightweight tool that runs in your system tray and continuously monitors the CPU temperature. It also adds a CPU temperature meter on the System tray.

4. HWMonitor


HWMonitor is one of the most advanced CPU monitoring tools available, which shows the current temperature of the Motherboard, Graphics card, CPU, and Hard drive. Not only that, but it also displays the CPU loads in real-time as well.

However, the tool is a little bit advanced, and the reports are pretty complicated to understand. So, if you have any technical knowledge regarding how the core works, then HWMonitor might be the best pick for you.

5. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner

Well, MSI Afterburner is not exactly a CPU temperature monitoring tool. It’s the most used graphics card software that gives you complete control over your hardware.

With MSI Afterburner, you can easily monitor your hardware in real-time. You can check the CPU/GPU temperature, clock speeds, etc.

6. Speccy


Speccy is a system management tool that also checks for software updates. Apart from that, the advanced section of Speccy also shows the real-time CPU temperature.

The software works on both 32 bit and 64-but computers, and it’s one of the best CPU monitoring tools available out there.



HWiNFO is one of the best free professional system monitoring and diagnostic tool available out there. The software is known for its comprehensive hardware analysis, monitoring, and reporting for Windows and DOS.

HWiNFO shows everything, including your CPU information, GPU Information, current speed, voltage, temperature, etc.

8. SIW


If you are looking for a complete yet lightweight system information apps for Windows, look no other than SIW. SIW is an advanced system monitoring program for Windows that analyzes your PC and gathers important information.

Once installed, SIW sits in the background and checks your software, hardware, network information, and more. Not only that, but it also shows you the information in a highly comprehensible manner.

9. AIDA64


AIDA64 doesn’t analyze every part of your computer, nor it shows a highly detailed report. However, it shows the most relevant details that were required for proper system monitoring. With AIDA64, you can quickly check the temperature of your PC’s motherboard, CPU, PCH, GPU, SSD, etc. Compared to all other tools, the reports of AIDA64 are easy to understand.

10. ASUS AI Suite


If you use an ASUS computer or laptop, the ASUS AI Suite might be the best pick. With ASUS AI Suite, you can quickly check your CPU temperature in real-time.

The ASUS AI Suite is meant to underclock and overclock the CPU. The ASUS AI Suite can also optimize the CPU settings to provide the best performance.

So, these are the ten best CPU monitoring tools that you can use right now. If you know of any other such software, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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