Creating the collage, animation, or movie out of the pics or clips would all require up to the different standalone apps on the Android as there could be very rare apps providing the facility to do that all under one single interface.

All these things are trending all around the web, and you might love to create such things for your social media accounts or sharing purposes. What if you don’t want to do that all with different apps but just use up the single app for the purpose?

Create a Collage, Animation, or Movie with Google Photos on Android

There is one app named Google Photos, a very popular app from Google that lets you do that all in one single app. In this article, we have written about how you could create a collage, animation, or movie using Google Photos on an Android device. To know about the method, head on to the main part of the article, which is given below.

1. First, open up the Google Photos app on your device. On the main screen, tap on “Assistant“.

2. You could then see lots of options and features of the app. If you wish to create the collage, take up multiple photos, and the Photos app will show you the option for making it.

3. After choosing the option, you will see the gallery opened on your device. 2-9 pics could be chosen for the collage, while up to 50 pics could select for animation.

4. After adding your pics, tap on the Create button to help you create the desired activity or task. You can see the progress bar on the screen for some time.

5. The projects you make up using the Photos app will automatically get saved to your device and will be updated very soon. This makes up your solution for all three things collage, movie, or Animation, so use up the Photos app next time you wish to customize your projects or makeup one more!

And this was the method through which you could create a Collage, Animation, or Movie by using up Google Photos on Android. From the article, you have learned that the method isn’t too difficult or complex, but any moderate user could apply it without any issues.

It’s your time to apply this method and hence get the benefits from the Google Photos App on Android to make up collages, animations, or movies. I hope you like the method, don’t forget to share your views!