Google’s video calling app, Google Duo has been updated for Android devices. In the latest update, the app has removed the phone number requirements. Now, Google Duo will not ask you phone number while creating an account.

You no longer need a phone number to use Google Duo on Android tablets

How to Create Google Duo Account Without Phone Number

However, it will still ask you a phone number, if you are using Duo on the phone. The duo will not ask for a phone number if you are using the app on Android Tablet or Chrome OS. Other users still need a phone number to create an account.

The new feature on Google Duo allows the users to connect through email address, but it still uses the phone number to create an account. This feature is available in India and is available for iOS and Android devices.

As per the reports by Android Police, all the users of Android tablet are planning to download Google Duo app on the device. The users can now Sign up with email address and will not ask phone number for verification. As per the reports, the new users will have to provide mobile numbers for verification.

The signup option is available with an email address will be useful for tablet users. If you want to activate this feature, you need to go to Settings > Account > and then select Reachable with Email Address. The Duo users can contact other users through email address if the user activates the feature.

Earlier, there were reports, that the Google Duo is bringing new feature which will allow 32 participants to join a group call. At present, 12 participants can do a group video call which is increased from eight participants.


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