Bug in YouTube, Delete Videos With One Click – Youtube is a very popular network on internet to watch video online. Today there millions of people that watch videos on youtube every day. Also there are many channels on youtube which are get daily uptaed for the users. There are billions of user which spend time on Youtube to watch latest music,videos and many much more. But none of them know a bug of youtube ,there is bug in youtube that can delete videos in one click. Recently a Russian Security researcher have found a simple but critical security vulnerability in YouTube” system that allows attacker to delete any video from YouTube. The vulnerability was critical as attacker doesn’t need to have any authentication for deleting the video in the youtube.

Bug in YouTube, Delete Videos With One Click

This bug was very critical one and are reported by Russiona Security researchers.Aslo Researcher named Kamil Hismatullin, had found the bug while he is looking for the some other bug on YouTube Creator Studio and on searching for bug on YouTube Hismatullin came across a simple logical bug that could wipe up any video by just sending a request to server with any video ID against any session token of the site.

Also Hismatullin wanted to try out his new found exploit by deleting one of Justin Bieber’s videos posted YouTube, but he can’t. And after that on his blog he says – “I’ve fought the urge to [delete] Bieber’s channel,” Hismatullin wrote in his blog post. “Luckily no Bieber videos were harmed.”

Also Hismatullin had reported the issue to Google security team as YouTube is owned by Google, under the Google bug bounty program and search giants have fixed the issue within some hours and for his research work Google had rewarded him $5,000 USD and additionally an extra $1337 under the company’s pre-emptive vulnerability payment scheme and also appreciate him for his work.

Also Earlier a months ago, same type of vulnerability were reported to Facebook, which allows attacker to delete any photo’s album from anyone’s Facebook Accounts and can also access any photo there.

So there is all about the Bug in YouTube, Delete Videos With One Click .Now this issue has been resolved and also the hacker was rewarded as discussed above.This bug was so critical one that it could easily affects the Youtube rankings. Hope you like this Hacking News,Keep Sharing.


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