How to Disable Notifications On Your Phone’s Lock Screen
How to Disable Notifications On Your Phone’s Lock Screen

Let’s have a look at the guide for How to Disable Notifications on Your Phone’s Lock Screen as there are the Methods that will make it possible for you to disable the notification coming on your Android lock screen. As this feature is limited to a few android phones only but now you can get it on all your android phone. So have a look at the complete guide discussed below to proceed.

One of the major benefits of using Android & iPhone device is that you can’t limit yourself to the limited feature as the developers keep on adding some amazing features in the system so that you can add up quite new features on your smartphone. And that is the reason I keep on sharing the guide regarding these features so that you a get to know about the things that you might now in the normal use. Like hiding the notification in the lock screen device.

Yes, this an inbuilt feature of Android and iPhone that you many of you don’t know. And today I’ll let you know about this feature so that you guys can also get to know how you can disable the lock screen notification as that can cause lots of trouble in your like if someone sees that. So to have the better privacy you need to stop these things on your smartphone. And I have explained everything in step by step. Soo has a look at the complete tutorial below.

Actually, I’m writing this post because of the personal experience as I wanted to hide a few apps from my friends that I don’t want them to know because they keep on troubling me because of them. Like PUBG is one of them like sometime I don’t want to play this game again and again and they keep on forcing me to play with them and one day I told them that I have uninstalled this app and while they were playing a PUBG notification arrived on my screen and they all get to know that the PUBG is installed on my device. And that day I was in a great trouble LOL. So I decided to turn off the notification on my locked smartphone. So I researched for the apps that can do this job but soon I get to know that this is the inbuilt feature of our device that we can access in minutes can implement this. So I read a few guides and implemented this. And now I’m going to share this with you so that you guys can also have some privacy on your phone even if it is locked. So follow the below tutorial.

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How to Disable Notifications On Phone’s Lock Screen (Android & iPhone)

The method is quite simple and I have explained these things for both Android and iPhone.

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#1 Tips to Disable Notifications On Android’s Lock Screen

Just follow the simple steps that I have explained just right below.

  1. First of all, in your android phone, you need to tap on the Settings icon.
  2. Once that is done simply choose the option”Sound and Notification.” there in the settings.
  3. Now there you will see the Lock screen settings, simply tap on it.
  4. There you will have two option that is “Hide sensitive only” and “Hide all notifications.” you need to select the second one if you to stop all the notification on your locked android screen.
    Disable Notifications On Android's Lock Screen
    Disable Notifications On Android’s Lock Screen
  5. That’s it you are done with this now you will see those notifications will stop coming on your locked smartphone you can now have your privacy.

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#2 Tips to Disable Notifications On iPhone’s Lock Screen

Similarly, like the above, you just need to follow few steps on iOS also to get the notification hide on it. In iPhone, you can get all of they stopped for the even unlocked device also.

  1. In your iPhone you just need to tap on the Settings.
  2. Now there you need to open the Notifications to see the things that might have never explored.
  3. Now there simply select the option Show Previews.
  4. You need to choose either “When Unlocked” or “Never.”, that is up to you what you choose.
    Disable Notifications On iPhone's Lock Screen
    Disable Notifications On iPhone’s Lock Screen
  5. That’s if you are done with this now you will see those notifications will stop coming on your locked smartphone you can now have your privacy.

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So above guide was all about Tips to Disable Notifications on your Android and iPhone’s Lock Screen, Use the guide for both Android and iPhone and you can easily stop the annoying notifications coming on your locked and unlock screen and can avoid some embarrassing moments like I faced. And there is no need to use any third party app as this is the inbuilt feature that requires no time for implementation. Hope you like the information that I shared above, do share with your friends also so that they can also implement the same in the Android and iOS device. If you have any related query with this then please do let us know we will be happy to assist you in your issues. Also if you have any new topic in the mind then share with me in the comment box.


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