How to Download Movie Subtitles On Linux
How to Download Movie Subtitles On Linux

Now you can easily Download Movie Subtitles on Linux using the simple tool that we are discussing in this guide that will help you to get the subtitle of the movie on your Unix operating system.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ovies dialogues could be understood more clearly if the subtitles are used while the movie is being played. The movie subtitles are also a great way to fluently know about the movie punches or the dialogues if it is not in your native language which you either understand somewhat but are not used to it for all. The movie subtitles could be found a measly on the internet for any of the movies but there comes the problem that you have to either fix the synchronization for it so that the whole subtitles goes with the correct movie dialogues. This could be no easy to do that all, but for the Linux users, there are some great ways to get up the subtitles dubbed easily inside the movies without any issues. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which you could be able to download the subtitles for the movies on the Linux platform easily. If you were also seeking for this method, then you are exactly at the right place because we have written about the method in an easy way such that you might also not get any issues while implementing it by your own. Now it’s your time just to follow up reading this article and hence get to know about this method!

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How to Download Movie Subtitles on Linux

The method is all about using the different software so as to download the subtitles for the movies on the Linux and hence get up the correct synchronization of the movie soundtrack with the text of subtitles. Just read up on the best available apps for the Linux that could easily do that up!

#1 SubDownloader

Subtitle On Linux
Subtitle On Linux: How to Download Movie Subtitles On Linux 

This program is the one that uses up the to grab up the available subtitles for your movies for which you make up the search inside this tool. This program uses your movie name provided to search the subtitles and hence provide you with the option to download that up!

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#2 VLSub and Subtitle Finder Plugins for VLC

Subtitle On Linux
Subtitle On Linux: How to Download Movie Subtitles On Linux 

If you are using up the VLC media player on your Linux, then go for the plugin named VLSub and Subtitles Finder for it because it is that great plugin which would make it totally easy for you to search and hence download up to the subtitles for the movies that you are currently playing. The subtitles could also be found manually through using up this plugin, in overall this one is the great plugin!

#3 Subliminal

This uses the command line to download the subtitles from the multiple available providers like Addic7ed, BierDopje, OpenSubtitles, SubsWiki, Subtitles, TheSubDB, etc. This makes it amazingly easy for you to get up the perfect subtitles for your movies as the work and the search is done automatically inside all those providers. Use up the below command inside the Terminal to download the Subliminal:
sudo apt-get install subliminal.”

Subtitle On Linux
Subtitle On Linux: How to Download Movie Subtitles On Linux 

Now run up the subliminal from the folder where all your movies are placed, and this would automatically get you the hashes of the video files.

After that use up the command given below to download the movie subtitle:

subliminal -1 en movie_name.mp4

Replace the ‘en’ in the command with the code of your language in which you wish to have the subtitles. The encoding is used for the English language; now you have also to replace the movie_name with the name of the movie for which you wish to download the Subtitle. This would start up the search, and then after that, you would certainly get up the subtitles for your particular movie.

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So now after reading up the above article, you have now got about the method by which you would be able to download the movie subtitles directly on the Linux running device. The method as you have read the above article is simple to be applied, and there might be no issues to get onto it. Hope that you might have liked up the method, in case you get into any trouble while trying to apply up to the method then worry not but just tap your appearance below in the comments, and we shall be there to help you out.


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