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Although Windows 10 is the most used desktop operating system, it’s not without bugs and errors. We are pretty sure that once in your lifetime, you might have dealt with data loss.

Sometimes we accidentally delete files from our computer and later regret it. Although the files that you delete are available in the Recycle Bin, what if you have cleared the recycle bin as well?

In such a case, you would need to use third-party data recovery programs. As of now, there are hundreds of data recovery software available for Windows 10. However, not all of them were effective in recovering the lost files.

If you are looking for an effective and reliable data recovery solution for Windows 10, you need to try Stellar Data Recovery. In this article, we are going to talk about Stellar Data recovery and how it is useful. Let’s check out.

What is Stellar Data Recovery?

Stellar Data Recovery

Well, Stellar Data Recovery is one of the best and top-rated data recovery options available for the Windows and Mac operating systems. Compared to other data recovery programs, Stellar Data Recovery has a better data recovery rate.

The great thing about Stellar Data Recovery is that it has both free and pro plans. Although the advanced features are only available on the Pro plan, the free one also has much-needed features.

The free version of Stellar Data Recovery only allows you to recover up to 1GB of lost or deleted data on Windows for free. However, within the 1GB limit, you can recover lost documents, emails, videos, photos, and more.

Features of Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Features

Now that you are aware of Stellar Data Recovery, you might be interested in knowing its features. Below, we have highlighted some of the best features of Stellar Data Recovery.


Although Stellar Data Recovery is available in both free and pro plans. The free one allows you to recover up to 1GB of lost or deleted data on Windows/Mac. Within the 1GB limit, you can recover lost documents, emails, photos, videos, and more.

Recovers all file formats

Well, Stellar Data Recovery is a single tool to recover almost all file types. With Stellar Data Recovery, you can easily recover word documents, PowerPoint presentations, images, videos, music files, and more.

Preview Files before restoring

The Preview feature of Stellar Data Recovery provides you with a quick preview of files before recovery. It also allows playing the recoverable video files in Full-Screen mode.

Recover from the encrypted drive

Well, Stellar Data Recovery is one of the rare data recovery tools for Windows 10 that lets you recover from a BitLocker encrypted drive. You need to enter the BitLocker decryption key and run the program to scan the decrypted media files.

Premium Features

With the Stellar Data Recovery pro plan, you get some advanced data recovery features. For example, with Stellar Data Recovery Premium, you can recover data from lost partition, recover data from a crashed system, repair corrupt videos/photos, and more.

So, these are some of the best features of Stellar Data Recovery. It would be best if you start using the program to explore the hidden features.

Download Stellar Data Recovery for Windows 10

Now that you are fully aware of Stellar Data Recovery, you might be interested in downloading & installing the data recovery tool on your computer.

Stellar Data Recovery has both free and premium plans. The free version allows you to recover up to 1GB of data. Also, it has a limited set of features. So, if you want to make full use of the program, you need to try the Stellar Data Recovery Premium.

Below, we have shared the working download links of Stellar Data Recovery for PC. The file shared below is free from viruses/malware, and it’s completely safe to download & use.

How to Install & use Stellar Data Recovery on PC?

Download Stellar Data Recovery

Well, installing Stellar Data Recovery is pretty easy, especially on the Windows operating system. First of all, you need to download the file shared above. Once downloaded, launch the installer file and follow the instructions displayed on the installation wizard.

The program will take a few minutes to install on your device. Also, it needs an active internet connection. Once done, launch the program and log in with a Stellar Data Recovery free account.

So, this guide is all about how to download Stellar Data Recovery on a PC. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you have any doubts related to this, let us know in the comment box below.

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