How to Download Torrents On Your iOS Device (Without Jailbreak)
How to Download Torrents On Your iOS Device (Without Jailbreak)

Now you can Download Torrents onto Your iOS Device Without Jailbreak using one online site where you can directly get the torrents downloaded on your ios device. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]i[/dropcap]OS is one of the most reputed and most reliable software platforms for the smartphone devices. There are many of the illegal tasks that are not able to be processed on the iOS devices and the developers have strongly put in the security for the protection of the piracy of the apps, sharing of modified products as well as the hacking tactics. The torrents society is one of those ways that come into the minds of people willing to grab the paid or leaked software for free by the illegal way. The torrents are usually easily accessible over most of the other operating systems and there are commonly no restrictions for the same. But the thing is that iOS users don’t get the chance anyhow to access it, torrents are not allowed over the iOS. But this is not the end of that, the users could avail this function accessibility by jailbreaking the device running iOS. Anyhow this is the way that is available before only and it is hardly used by anyone because of the complex actions required for the same. We have actually found the way to download the torrents over the iOS and there shall be no requirement for the jailbreaking the software. Here in this article, we have written all about this method only, if anyone of you is interested to know about this method then please carry on reading this post until the end. This should be the end of the intro for this article we would now quickly begin with the main part of this post!

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How to Download Torrents On Your iOS Device (Without Jailbreak)

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Download Torrents onto Your iOS Device Without Jailbreak:

#1 Firstly get the Magnet link for the files that you wish to download on your device. There are numerous of the genuine torrents providing websites or the sources so just head on to those pages and grab the magnet links for the same. Below are the links for some of the best-known torrents providers, check for which you want to go for.

  • Legit Torrents
  • Public Domain Torrents
  • Internet Archives

#2 There could be many other torrents providing sources so you need to search for those on the internet and then get the Magnet Links for the products you wish to download. After downloading or copying the links from the above steps simply log on to the iOS device and get the for your device. This is the app that helps to bypass the Torrents restriction made by the system. Never to worry about using this app as you will be getting the abundance of benefits out of it.

Download Torrents onto Your iOS Device Without Jailbreak
How to Download Torrents On Your iOS Device (Without Jailbreak)

#3 Once after you have downloaded the above app on your device you need to log on to it after registering. Inside it paste the Magnet Link for the Product that you wish to download. Wait for for for a while till the app recognizes the Link that you posted and then after you get the result for the link that is your product, begin up downloading the app. You shall be asked for the location to save the product or the torrent simply choose the destination over the storage of your device and that all. Let the download be completed and after that, you would be able to enjoy working with your product as normal.

Download Torrents onto Your iOS Device Without Jailbreak
How to Download Torrents On Your iOS Device (Without Jailbreak)

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Since you know that you have got to know about all of the instructions regarding the downloading of the torrents over the iOS platform, it is now the ending of this post. We have written the whole post in the simplest form and in the simplest words so that you could be able to get the whole knowledge of it. Hope that you might have liked this article and also you would have got benefits out of it for the same purpose as described above. Please share this article with the others if you like it, do comment regarding this article through the comments section below. We value all of your suggestions and the opinions related to this post and it is much good to see your indulgence in our sort of work!


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