Elon Musk The Third World War Could Ruin The Mission To Mars
Elon Musk The Third World War Could Ruin The Mission To Mars

Elon Musk proves his usual arrogance by declaring that the third world war might ruin our chances of going to Mars.

President Donald Trump is furious that Mexico will not pay to build the Wall to stop migrants. And so he decided to launch a nuclear attack in Cancun. Putin’s troops invaded Norway because they had errors in their GPS. Switzerland is tired of its neutrality and has therefore decided to attack Liechtenstein. When we see the insanities of Elon Musk, one is obliged to imagine all the ridiculous situations that could lead us to a third world war.

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Elon Musk: The Third World War Could Ruin The Mission To Mars

Musk said on its ambitions to colonize Mars. Here are some excerpts:

We instinctively believe that technology is in constant progress. But it has had periods in history such as the construction of the Pyramids or the height of the Roman Empire, that civilizations could not progress and that wars were ancient history.

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Complacency and arrogance characterize the current technological industry. Musk believes that a new world war could bring humanity back decades. He added that we have a very small window to colonize Mars, but events on Earth could stop the technological progress.

He explains:

We can not rule out the possibility of a third World War. In 1912, the world has proclaimed a new era of peace and prosperity, saying that it was the golden age and the war was over. Then we had the First and Second World War followed by the Cold War. So, one can imagine the possibility of a third world war and it would be worse than all previous. If a country decides to use nuclear weapons, then we will have anti-technology events worldwide.

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One might think that these words are inspired by a new catastrophic scenario of Will Smith. But it is heartbreaking to see that they come from someone everyone admires. The world is moving and it is more peaceful than ever. The conflicts are minimal and opportunities are minimal for a World War for the simple reason that all interests are interconnected. The decisions of one country affect others.

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But humans do stupid things. Just see what our leaders but completists of all stripes see the worst of the situation. It is comforting that someone who wants to create the Hyperloop, electric cars and Mars missions could imagine that humans do not always take common-sense decisions. Elon Musk is so sure he has the keys to a better world that he even wants to control the development of artificial intelligence for mad scientists do not create Skynet us because of their unconsciousness.