Show Your Photo In Google Search Results
Show Your Photo In Google Search Results

See your profile and images in Google Search result, the trick will make your pleasant after seeing the results in Google.

Let me tell you the significant thing first if you love blogging you will adore this post because I am going to share with you the trick to get your photo in Google search results. The reason why I fixed blogging in the first line because bloggers always tend to put up their photo in google search result not only it looks good, but it gives us inner fulfillment.

One of the finest things you can do today is putting up your photos in the google search result, just imagine people are searching for you and they can see your photo in google search result what will be the impression in their mind? So here I am sharing the trick on how to put up a profile photo or your Photo in Google search result it is a lengthy process but somehow it was effective.

Steps To Show Your Photo In Google Search Results 

Very few people out there who are gonna share this secret trick to you. But let’s talk apart you will thank me after the results.

In simple words, if you want to show up your photo in Google search results you need to be a blogger. If you are one of them then congrats! Search your name in Google is it showing your photo? If Not follow these steps.

1. Using Blogger

How To Show Your Photo In Google Search Results

You don’t need to be a blogger. You just need to create a Gmail Account and link it up with a blogger. Complete your Blogger profile Add a name, Phone Number Adress and very precious photo. As we all know google is very slow indexing things in their hosts. Once you completed the setup part wait for some Days. it takes some time to show up your brief information on Google.

2. Using Google+

Using Google +

You need to link up your Gmail account to Google+. Actually Google plus is the best alternative to bloggers because Google+ is google’s own social media site so they usually crawl down users’ information and photo. So you need to set up a Google+ Profile too if you haven’t yet and set up a profile picture that you want Google to show in the search results.

3. Using WordPress

using wordpress

If you are managing a website then try uploading photos in WordPress/blogger profile picture this will also do the wonder in case if anyone is searching for you.

One thing you must remember if you want your image to show up in the google search that is keeping every post public and searchable. Your photo must be shared with the public. You can include a brief text regarding yourself in google+ account or Gmail account in order to get related search results. I suggest you upload high-quality photos to google accounts.

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These are three easy points that will undoubtedly help you pull up your photo in Google search results it was not a hard task to import. The mindset behind this post is to help people who are trying very stubborn about putting up their photos on google. Once you had finished all the steps you need to be patient because you have to wait until your data is being indexed by google.


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