Enable WhatsApp Text Status Feature on Android
Enable WhatsApp Text Status Feature on Android

Learn How to Enable WhatsApp Text Status Feature on Android that will help you to get back the old style status using the simple and easy guide that will help you to implement this.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]haring of status is the best part of Whatsapp that enables the users to share up their live conditions or whatever they are feeling right at the moment. This feature is really cool to remain updated on the WhatsApp and the people all around the globe utilize it more of the time averagely in a day. Talking about the status function the users could only place the video or the images to this part but since many of the users do like to share the simple text statements so they try to do that by pasting the image containing the text. WhatsApp got to know about the requirement of the users to share up the text status so they have started to include this option for the users. Now as this feature is still under processing so the users would not be able to access it. But somehow we have found the method through which the users could grasp this option on their Whatsapp and hence get the text status feature on the Android. If you are here on this article to know about this method then please make sure you read the whole information provided below, you would get to learn about this method exactly. So let’s just begin to read about the method!

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How to Enable WhatsApp Text Status Feature on Android

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#1 First of all register to the beta program of the WhatsApp, you can do this from this. Reaching this link just fill up all of the information that is asked and you shall be granted the access to this service while you would also be registered with it. Make sure that you fill up the accurate details.

Enable WhatsApp Text Status Feature on Android
Enable WhatsApp Text Status Feature on Android

#2 Once after you have made the registration on the beta program the WhatsApp would send you the app update over the Google Play Store and this might take for more than 15 minutes. Look inside the Google Play Store to see if the update has been granted to you.

#3 Update the WhatsApp and then install the WA Tweaks application for the WhatsApp. You could download this app from this LINK. Simply grant the Root access to this newly installed app and then proceed to further steps. Yes, you will require the root access because the text status feature would not be grasped through the other way, rather you would have to make the changes directly.

Enable WhatsApp Text Status Feature on Android
Enable WhatsApp Text Status Feature on Android

#4 Open the WA Tweaks app and then apply the text status function to it. Force Stop the WhatsApp app and then let it run normally after some time. Open it up and then you would notice that there will be an option present to update the text status! For adding the text status click on the pencil icon placed above on the screen and you would see the direct option for that.

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Here in this article, you have got the method through which you should be able to enable the Whatsapp text status feature on the Android devices and hence get the ability to show text status to all of your friends. This method was determined to provide you the easiest way to grasp this amazing function that the WhatsApp hasn’t yet provided in direct options. We believe that you might have liked this article and if it is all true then please take some more time to share this post with others. Share with us your valuable comments related to this post and we would really appreciate your efforts. Anyhow it is the end of this post just be tuned to know about more such methods!


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