It doesn’t matter how fast your internet is; it’s useless if it doesn’t allow you to access your favorite sites. Despite having high-speed internet and installing several security tools, users sometimes face errors like “Access denied error code 16” on their browsers.

The error message “error code 16 this request was blocked by the security rules” usually occurs while visiting certain websites.

The message prevents users from accessing the site, which leads to frustration. We have received multiple messages from our viewers regarding error code 16: The security rules blocked this request. So, we have decided to explore the error message.

How To Fix Error Code 16: The Security Rules blocked this Request.

This “error code 16 this request was blocked by the security rules” Error message usually occurs when the ISP Blocks the site. Sometimes, Antivirus tools and firewalls block the website, leading to the error code.

The security rules blocked these request rules. So, in this article, we will share some of the best methods to fix the error.

1. Check The Date & Time

Check The Date & Time

Well, wrong date and time settings on Windows 10 computers also trigger errors like “error code 16 this request was blocked by the security rules”. This happens due to an incompatibility between the SSL validation date and the System clock.

So, in this method, you need to check the date & time to fix the error message. Right-click on the taskbar and select Adjust Date & Time. Now under the Date & Time Settings, make the appropriate changes if required.

2. Try to visit the website from another device,

if you get Error code 16 while visiting your favorite website, you must visit the same website from other devices.

Sometimes, your PC is not configured properly, or some software might block the internet connection. So, in this method, you need to determine whether the problem is with the internet or your PC.

So, visit the website using a different device in your network. If you don’t get another device’s error messages, check your computer’s configuration.

3. Update Your Operating system

Well, Windows is indeed a great operating system, but there are lots of bugs and glitches on the platform.

Sometimes, the access denied error code 16 can appear due to an outdated operating system. So, it’s always best to keep your system up to date. To update Windows 10, follow the steps given below.

Update Your Operating system

  • Open Settings apps by pressing Windows Key + I
  • On the Settings page, click on the Update & Security section
  • There you need to click on Check for updates

That’s it! You are done. Now Windows will automatically check for the available updates and download them in the background.

4. Reset Your Web Browser

Reset Your Web Browser

Sometimes, the outdated browser or incorrect browser settings also leads to errors like “error code 16 this request was blocked by the security rules” So, in this method, users need to reset their web browser to fix the error message.

Resetting Chrome browser is easy; users must head to Settings > Advanced Options. Under the Advanced Options, find the option Restore Settings to their original defaults. There you need to click on the Reset browser settings option. That’s it; you are done! Once done, restart your web browser to fix the error message.

5. Disable The Antivirus & Firewall

Disable The Antivirus & Firewall

As mentioned above, sometimes the Antivirus software and Firewall can block the incoming traffic, which can lead to this error. So, to fix that, users need to turn off their Antivirus software and Firewall rules.

You can disable the Antivirus software from the taskbar. To disable Firewall, head to the Control Panel and disable the Firewall from the Firewall settings. Once done, restart your computer to fix the “error code the security rules blocked this request”

6. Try using a VPN

Try Using a VPN

As we all know, the error code security rules blocked this request also occurs when ISP blocks the website you are trying to visit. So, to bypass certain restrictions, users need to rely upon a VPN app.

With a VPN, you can hide your IP Address and visit the blocked site. You can read our article on the best Windows VPNs to pick the best VPN app. VPN also has some added benefits, like encrypting your traffic and blocking trackers; if the previous methods failed to fix the error message, you must try VPN software.

7. Contact your ISP

Contact your ISP

The VPN method listed above will probably fix the error from the web browser. However, if you still get the ‘error code the security rules blocked these requests,’ you must contact your ISP. You need to ask your ISP to look into this issue.

So, these are the best methods to fix “error code 16 this request was blocked by the security rules” from the web browser. Let us know in the comment box below if you know of any other method to fix the error message.



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