On Facebook, we have everything for communication, linking and sharing of content between users, but, apart from this Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is also always aware of other relevant issues as well, hence, Facebook recently, rolls out new AI tools to help prevent suicides.

Facebook Rolling Out AI Tools To Help Prevent Suicides

The social network giant Facebook’s suicide prevention technology has just taken an important step forward. Artificial intelligence (AI), which tracks activity patterns to determine when someone expresses thoughts of suicide or self-harm, can now communicate with these people before a friend reports their behaviour.

The social network giant Facebook introduced its AI-based suicide prevention tools for the first time earlier this year. But until now, that ‘software’ required that a user or one of his/her friends, seek help in this regard.

Now, the social network giant Facebook itself ensures that the technology has reached the point where it can intervene proactively when it detects that someone is at risk of self-harm or committing suicide.

From now on, when the system identifies publications or transmissions of Facebook Live that “could be expressing thoughts of suicide”, these ‘posts’ can be sent to specially trained reviewers of the social network, who in turn can contact teams of the first answer.

“The goal of all this is that our proactive detection can be activated even before anything has been reported,” says Facebook’s vice president of product management, Guy Rosen.

That’s a big change from Facebook’s previous tools, which could not act before a report of that content is produced. The elimination of this step not only means that the company can identify cases that may have previously failed, but can reach people who need help much faster than before.

Rosen points out that the first tests of the system are promising since only in the last month, Facebook’s proactive detection tools resulted in more than 100 wellness checks, in which cases Facebook alerted local groups of first intervention.

Now, these tools will also be available outside the US For the first time Facebook is expanding them worldwide.

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