We all know very well that the relationship of the social network giant Facebook and its mobile apps with users is not always peaceful. Now, according to the latest reports, the social network giant Facebook’s Android application is asking for the Superuser permissions.

OMG! Facebook Android App Is Asking For Superuser Permissions

The relationship of the social network giant Facebook and its mobile apps with users is not always peaceful. It is accepted that these consume more resources than expected and not always their behaviour is the one that would be logical.

If many have learned to live with these behaviours, the truth is that there are always changes, not always welcome. The latest of them will now be happening, with the Android Facebook app asking for superuser permissions.

Complaints have been appearing more and more consistently and they note that the latest version of the Android Facebook app ( is asking for more permissions than expected.

Too many permissions for Facebook

Specifically, this new version is asking for superuser permissions on devices that have root applied. Of course, these are not normal permissions, and there are very few apps that really require them in a justified way.

Hey, uh, Facebook? How about you stop suddenly asking for root permission every ten seconds? Thanks. from androidapps

A recurring behaviour

There are already many users who have used social networks to report this abnormal situation, also trying to know the reason for this behaviour and the measures to be taken.

This is not the first time this behaviour appears in Facebook apps. In previous situations, this request was removed with the next update, without any major problem associated.

The cause of this superuser request

According to some comments, this request arises due to a programming error, which has not reactivated the root presence verification on the devices. It’s just speculation, but it will probably be the cause of this situation.

It is clear that access to these permissions should not be requested by the application and that it should be denied by users. By allowing this access you are giving too many unnecessary permissions to an app that already has access to excessive information.

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