Both Facebook and its Messenger Apps are hit by a nasty bug in its servers which are draining some Android users batteries incredibly fast and making their phones to overheat.

Facebook: Restart Messenger App To Fix Battery Drain

Well, we all use Facebook on our Smartphone. Facebook had already taken an important part of our life, and that’s why it is the most successful social networking site right now.

Well, draining our Android battery faster is not an uncommon thing. We play games and uses lots of apps that can consume lots of batteries. However, if you were using Facebook app or Messenger App on your Device, then you might have noticed that your phone’s battery was draining faster than usual.

Well, Facebook Messenger consumes lots of battery for sure. Thank’s to the nasty bug in its servers which was draining some users batteries incredibly fast and making their phones to overheat.

Few users who spotted this problem had wasted no time and took to Twitter to express their views on the sudden draining of their phone’s battery.

David Marcus, the VP of messaging products at the social network, said that all the problems regarding battery while using Facebook apps had arisen due to a bug and it will be fixed soon.

David Marcus wrote “issue was isolated and fixed server side If you restart Messenger the problem should be gone now. Very sorry”. Only Android phone users are affected by the bug.

One of the Reddit users said that he even deleted the Facebook and Messenger app because “It was draining my battery really bad and smartphone was getting hot. Had to delete them.”

So, if you are having a Facebook app or Facebook Messenger app installed on your Android device and experiencing the same problem, then you need to restart both the apps. If it doesn’t fix then try updating your app from Google Play Store.

So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment section below.


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