We all know very well that the market for dating applications has in recent years been led by Tinder. In order to try to counter this dominance, the social network giant Facebook introduced recently, a new dating feature that could smash the apps like Tinder.

Facebook Dating Is Rolling Out

Announced in May this year during F8, the social network giant Facebook’s Dating has reached a new stage. The relationship service has been released in Colombia and already allows to create profiles based on the information that the social network giant Facebook already has on the users.

Apparently, the well-known dating application, of course, Tinder will not be the main competitor of the service. Yes, the social network giant Facebook’s focus seems to be on platforms like eHarmony and Hinge, which promise to help those looking for more enduring relationships.

For this, the algorithm of the social network giant, of course, Facebook will also be based on a personality test. As the Facebook Dating will have a kind of questionnaire with 20 questions, like “what’s your perfect day” and “what’s your favorite song”.

Answers will join the social network giant Facebook or Instagram photos, plus information such as work, religion, height, and children to create a separate new profile for the section. The social network giant Facebook will also allow you to indicate what will or will not appear and only requires that the profile has name and age.

In an interview with the well-known media, TechCrunch, the social network giant Facebook’s product manager, Nathan Sharp, said that the social network giant Facebook wants to become the “best place to start an online relationship.” For this reason, there is no concept of dragging photos sideways as it does in Tinder.

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Anyone who is interested in a person should use photos or profile responses as a hook to send the first message. The other person will receive the text and, if you are also interested, can respond and open a conversation.

By default, profiles will appear on Facebook Dating, but if users want, they can also “unlock” the pages of the events that will appear and the groups that are part of it to find new people.

Every day, it will be possible to show interest for up to 100 people. Users can filter the suggestions based on information that is in the profile, such as age, height, and location.

In Colombia, the relationship service has been released for users 18 years or above only on the Facebook app for Android and iOS. To start submitting profile suggestions, it must be authorized by users.

The social network giant Facebook’s Dating will have to wait for the moment so that it reaches a sufficient number of interested users to start making matches. If the appeal becomes successful, it will be taken to more countries.

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