OMG! Facebook Deleted 1.27 Billion Fake Accounts
OMG! Facebook Deleted 1.27 Billion Fake Accounts

Earlier the social network giant Facebook released its first transparency report on the actions of moderation that runs on the social network and that document reveals truly impressive numbers. However, now according to the latest reports, company, of course, the social network giant Facebook eliminated 1.27 billion fake accounts in the service.

OMG! Facebook Deleted 1.27 Billion Fake Accounts

Some people use and abuse the right to “freedom of expression.” They use various tricks to use the pseudo-anonymity that the Internet provides to tell what they can not say face to face. It has become routine to create fake accounts on the social network giant Facebook for everything that is not lawful.

In that sense, at the hearing before the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Sheryl Sandberg, current director of the social network giant Facebook, said that over a six-month period, the social network had to exclude 1.27 billion of fake accounts.

According to Sandberg’s statement, the operation was conducted by manual revision methods as well as with the help of automated review methods such as machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence.

The process of keeping the number of fake accounts under control allows the social network giant Facebook to discover malicious players who take advantage of the platform to possibly spread fake news and distort public opinion so that it matches their own agenda.

“We more than double the number of people working in security and protection and now we have more than 20,000. We reviewed the reports in more than 50 languages, 24 hours a day. Better automatic learning technology and artificial intelligence also allowed us to be much more proactive in identifying abuse” Sandberg said.

Artificial intelligence and automatic learning to protect the user

Although many cases have been removed, the truth is that the social network giant Facebook is slow, is rigid and does not take into account some more basic social rules, which has generated major conflicts to the point that many cases reach the bar of the courts. This often has to do with the “artificial intelligence”, automated, robotized form used by the social network. All this is pointed out to the social networking giant Facebook.

During the hearing before the Selected Intelligence Committee, the Facebook representative mentioned that the social network also works on removing spam content from its platform, with a surprising 836 million pieces of such content being removed only in the first quarter of 2019.

Account networks designed to deceive and misinform users are also targeted by Facebook’s automated and manual review processes, and this threat category can include both actual and false accounts.

It is also worth noting that, as Sandberg said during the hearing, “Facebook has a security team dedicated to understanding how bad actors attack individuals and networks, creating defenses against such attacks and reacting quickly to mitigate possible harm.”

With the help of this team of security experts, the social network giant Facebook wants to prevent the spread of malicious content to its users, send automated custom alerts to people affected by various types of cyber attacks, and ensure that accounts are not targeted by artificial invasions, techniques based on artificial intelligence.

Hence, the social network giant Facebook has to act, to take responsibility for the damage to society from various points of view, various forms, sometimes cruel, that are now considered as an “easy weapon”.

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