We all know that the social network giant Facebook is much more than just a social network. Hence, recently the social network giant Facebook just introduced a new awesome feature around the world and dubbed as the ‘Messenger Day’.

Facebook Just Introduced Messenger Day Around The World

Facebook is much more than just a social network, being considered by many as “the Internet.”

Aware of the competition, the world’s largest social networking site today launched Messenger Day, a new way to share what you see with photos and videos. When you add photos and videos to your day, you can share with everyone or choose only a few family members or friends who can see and respond to your messages before your day disappears after 24 hours.

The focus of Messenger Day is the camera and provides a way to visually share what is happening in your day and create better and more meaningful conversations with the people you already talk to in Messenger. Messenger Day has been tested in several countries and started yesterday, March 9, as it already began to be launched globally.

Main features:-

  • Quick Camera: The camera is always at a touch or finger slide away, either because it is already in a conversation or you have to open the application.
  • Special Effects: Choose from more than 5,000 frames, effects or stickers to personalize photos and videos before adding to your Day, many of which are unique to Messenger.
  • Choose your audience: Once you’ve customized your video or photo, you can send it to anyone you choose – including multiple friends or groups.
  • Share and control your day: You can choose to share your Day that appears at the top of your Messenger screen and control who can see it.
Facebook Messenger Day
Facebook Messenger Day

As noted, this new feature is now being made available to Android and iOS users. To find out if you already have Messenger Day, just look at the camera that will appear with a sun icon.

So, what do you think about this new feature? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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