A new study says that the Facebook will turn into world’s biggest virtual graveyard by 2098. It states that this change will happen because the social media giant denies to delete the users who are dead, however it converts the account of a dead user into a “memorialized” account.

Facebook Will Turn Into World’s Biggest Virtual Graveyard By 2098

The Researchers say that the social networking giant, Facebook will turn into worlds biggest virtual graveyard by the year 2098 because it will have more dead users than the active users. Facebook is currently having more than 1.5 Billion users, which means that by the year 2098, users will see more accounts of dead users than living users.

The reason behind this change is that Facebook denial of deleting the dead users, however it turns the deceased user’s account into a “memorialized” account. The deceased users account can be also deleted, if someone is having their login credentials. In some cases, dead user’s account still remains active, if some people are having their login information.

PhD Candidate in Statistics, Sadikki claimed that he worked out the figure by assuming that Facebook’s grown will decline very soon.

A Blogging Company with name as Digital Beyond said that about 9,70,000 Facebokk users from the world will die this year which is relatively more then previous years. Earlier statistics reveal that 385,968 Facebook Users died in 2010 and 5,80,000 in 2012.

Sadikki believes that social networking sites will maintain their existing policy on handling the dead users. Also, Facebook was widely criticized after it reportedly displayed the photos of dead users in its “Year In Review 2015”. Moreover, many Facebook users complained that they are getting birthday notifications of dead users. However, later Facebook resolved the problem and requested the users to specify a “Legacy Contact” before they die.

The Facebook’s Legacy Contact can manage the page even after the user is no more, it can write last post and confirm new friend requests. Moreover, it can also change cover and profile photo of the deceased user.


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