We all know very well that if we want a futuristic smartphone then we have to keep one thing in our mind that to do so simply we will have to pay a considerable amount. Hence, to surprise the whole smartphone world a well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer has just launched the world’s first true holeless smartphone.

Meet The World’s First True Holeless Smartphone

The all-new Meizu Zero smartphone has already delighted lots of smartphone users around the world when the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Meizu introduced it, mainly due to the total absence of holes and its build which is constructed in ceramic.

However, the most shocking thing about this brand new smartphone, of course, Meizu Zero is its price, yes, guess how much this device will cost you? Didn’t able to guess the price!!! Don’t worry let me tell you all its price, the all-new Meizu Zero will cost $1299. At the moment, the all-new Meizu Zero is on the well-known kick starter platform, Indiegogo, where it seeks investors.

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Basically, if you already want a futuristic smartphone then keep one thing in your mind that to do so simply you will have to pay a considerable amount of $1299. However, if the Chinese brand can raise $100,000 then the company will simply start mass production of Meizu Zero. For now, it is just probing the market and consumer interest in its latest device.

But, apart from all these things for a technology company, especially for a manufacturer of mobile devices such as Meizu, we believe that this goal can be easily achieved. If this happens, anyone who has contributed a significant amount will receive this futuristic smartphone, Meizu Zero immediately.

Now many of you might be thinking that what so special the all-new Meizu Zero offer? Basically, here we have a smartphone with top technical specs, characteristics, and a robust built quality which is done with pure ceramic without any hole and button.

While now if we talk about the key specs of this brand new Meizu Zero smartphone, then let me clarify that it will have a Qualcomm’s flagship SoC, of course, I am not talking about the current Snapdragon 855, as I am talking about the previous generation, of course, the Snapdragon 845 processor.

Moreover, it will feature two variant, one with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage; the other variant will feature 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. And not only that even it will also have water resistance, IP68 certification, and a virtual side button, yes, not physical.

The brand new Meizu Zero will feature a 5.99-inch Super AMOLED screen without any notch and its resolution will be Full-HD+ (1080×2340 pixels) in the 18:9 format. As we told earlier that the all-new Meizu Zero doesn’t have any ports or hole, simply due to its adoption of various wireless technologies. Yes, wireless technologies, it means that the all-new Meizu Zero will come with a fast wireless charging which will be accompanied by the magnetic induction of 18W.

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Now many of you might be thinking that if it is a true holeless smartphone then how we will use or put our SIM card into the device? As we told that it is a true holeless smartphone then it is 100% true that it fully holeless smartphone, it means we do not even have a SIM card tray as well, as the all-new Meizu Zero uses an eSIM for communication. According to the brand it uses a wireless system at 60Hz for data transfer and not only that it can overcome the transfer speed of the USB 3.0 standard as well.

While now if we talk about the camera segment then let me tell you all that the all-new Meizu Zero will feature a 12MP and 20MP rear cameras and on the front we will have a 20MP selfie camera. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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