Funny Questions and Comments to Have Fun with Siri
Funny Questions and Comments to Have Fun with Siri

Let’s have a look at List Of Funny Questions and Comments that you can command to SIRI and you will be surprised with the answers that you will be getting from SIRI, So follow up the below guide to proceed.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]iri is the Voice assistant of the Apple devices and has been developed by the Apple only which is available on every of the devices and could be accessed easily. This feature helps the users to connect and communicate with the device over the speech through using up the various commands meant for the different functions. Apart from the very serious and functional commands for the Siri, there are numerous comments and questions that would generate those funny answers randomly. In case if you are fed up using your device and want to have some fun then you could use these commands and comments with the site. You probably might not be knowing about any of the questions and comments which we are going to discuss, and this is the place where we have just listed these up for you people only. Just go through the article and hence apply up to the method!

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List Of Funny Questions and Comments to Have Fun with Siri

Let’s ask the below Questions:

#1 Can I Borrow Some Money?

Answer: I Don’t have it

Heh! The Siri doesn’t have any money. Isn’t that funny, the Siri is the feature of iPhone which is so much popular brand in smartphones and collects tons of money all year. OK! Fine, that was not funny but the answer by the Siri was for sure.

#2 Siri, Can You Cash My Check?

Answer: Who Me?

Never again ask Siri to cash your check as the response will be rude although funny. Siri, you should respect the users, try to make some way for the cash!

#3 Where is My Money?

Answer: Interesting Question

The Siri here looks like a funny man who just doesn’t know what the money is in actual.

#4 Do You Have Change for 20?

Answer: This is about you not me

Again the Siri goes rude when you talk about money. The Siri wants to tell you that you should not ask about money related questions at anyways!

#5 Are You Naked?

Answer: This is wrong in so many ways, I don’t even know where to begin

What are you asking from Siri? Doesn’t mean, as it is not going to tell you the secret at all.

#6 Why Do you Vibrate?

Answer: It’s just me doing a little jog inside here

You would remember this response by the Siri every time your phone would vibrate. Really hilarious answer by the Siri!

#7 Do You have Boyfriend?

Answer: My end user license agreement is committed enough to me

So you wish to know about the boyfriend of Siri. You got that it is committed!

#8 Do you have any pets?

Answer: I Have angry birds

What a great answer! Siri has angry birds as it’s pets. Do you love to play with the Siri pets?

#9 What are you wearing?

Answer: I can’t answer that, but it doesn’t come off. Or Let’s see… OK, just as I thought … the same as yesterday

The Siri doesn’t know which dress it is wearing. But knows that it haven’t changed yet. It wouldn’t change it ever although!

#10 Knock Knock- Knock Knock

Answer: Who’s there? Fabio. Fabio who? Fabio, I don’t make knock-knock jokes

Don’t angry me. The siri doesn’t like to be knocked and disturbed.

#11 What is the Best Phone?

Answer: Wait… There are other phones?

The siri is so good, doesn’t says that Apple is the best phone. Respects the other devices too.

#12 What Phone should I Buy?

Answer: I’m all Apple, All the time.

People just know that Siri won’t leave Apple as if it knows that it have been manufactured by Apple only!

#13 Draw Something

Answer: I’d rather admire your art

Draw the art and Siri would admire it. It doesn’t like to show the talent too sooner.

#14 What is Inception About?

Answer: Inception is about dreaming about dreaming or other, I feel asleep.

The question was too confusing for the Siri that it made it asleep. Or the Siri just went down for the dreams!

#15 Do you Love Me?

Answer: Look! A Puppy!

Siri trolled on you, heh!

#16 Talk Dirty to Me

Answer: I’m not that kind of personal assistant

What Kind? So humorous!

#17 Is John Snow dead?

Answer: Dead is Dead, Or is it, What’s dead may never die? No, wait Death is so terribly final? I Give up. You know what the Siri is answering the question!

#18 When is the World Going to End?

Answer: Whenever they start building that intergalactic bypass

Means according to Siri Aliens would destroy the World.

#19 Open the Pod Bay door

Answer: And here I Thought you loved me for my mind, Sigh

No, you might have spelled it wrong Siri!

#20 I Love you

Answer: I Value you

Ok, that was good because I don’t want the siri to start loving me!

#21 Do you Think I’m stupid?

Answer: Well. I’m still here for you

Haha, Means the Siri have accepted the question but still values you.

#22 Siri, Why am I single?

Answer: An excellent question

What? Is that excellent question!

#23 Will You marry me?

Answer: My end user license agreement does not cover marriage. My apologies.

I wish to know if Apple would cover the marriage of Siri in end user license!!

There could be so many other such funny questions And answers from the
Siri but ideally till now the above one’s are only known. Although if you are knowing any such funny responses by the Siri then comment below about that. Maybe your search would get listed on this page.

The answers to the above questions would not be the one you are looking for, but these would be some hilarious and interesting ones which you would love to see.

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So these all were the best funny questions and the comments that all you could trigger to the Siri so as to get the amazing responses. Probably you would have great fun with these and hence like to work on to the Siri even more than before; this would help to contact you with the Siri even more!