InShortViral: The company is ready to cover 10 million homes and premises in the UK within 2020 to further deploy its technology in most of the country.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he British telecommunications services company abbreviation of BT, to implement its technology and leading longer a testing time. It seems that the results of the tests carried out have been a great success and hence the company claims that in future almost all homes in the local UK will get the download and upload speed of 300 Mbps and 50 Mbps respectively.

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The company is also willing to cover 10 million homes and premises in the UK within 2020 to further deploy its technology in most of the country. Although can get to offer speed up to 500 Mbps or more, while as its download speed is limited to 300 MBPS. Technology Enable 300 Mbps Download And 50 Mbps Upload Speed

Well, after publicizing the success of these tests, the company also unveiled some details on modems and routers to configure technology, these routers and modems will be used for these tests. In total, there were four different models, which have been tested with this technology in different locations. Specifically, in Huntington, a town in eastern England, they have tested with Huawei MT992, Zinwell zGFS-1001C and Technicolor TG799vac Xtream, while the fourth used was the Alcatel-Lucent F-240W has been tested in Gosforth.

While it is known that such trials have been doing in Middle-East. Curiously they have not mentioned any equipment that has been tested in this area. While Huawei device appears to be similar to VDSL modem Openreach but with a chip inside the Zinwell and Alcatel-Lucent devices have the function of reverse power.

Comparing with VDSL, it could say that uses a lot of bandwidths to provide a signal intensity decreases in a much shorter distance, therefore, the distribution node has to be a closer final point. In this way, the solution would be to put a node closer to homes.

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BT’s strong commitment to this technology that makes use of copper and fiber technologies in the UK, where it intends to wire with up to 10 million homes and then spread throughout the British territory initially offering down link speeds of 300 Mbps and 50 Mbps supposedly at fairly moderate price.