Almost 70-80% smartphone users are now using truecaller app, the phone number detailing app that let you know much information about any of the number that you search in it.

And talking about its premium account, which is awesome, it will give the complete details of any number searched in the app, and also you get info about private numbers.

But some of you that might use a premium true caller account must be paid for it to get that account. But today, we are here with the method for getting Truecaller premium free for 30 days.

Yes, you can access this premium account for 30 days just with a simple trick explained in detail below.

Steps To getting Truecaller Premium free for 30 days

I will provide you a coupon code that will activate your truecaller premium account for 30 days that will be totally free of cost, and after 30 days, you will again get shifted to the basic account. Just read out the below steps to proceed.

  1. First of all, download the latest version of truecaller app from Here.
  2. Now after installing this app, open it and click on the signup button there.
  3. Now in the search box of the app, search #TrueRamadan15 with your internet data.
    Step 1 Truecaller
  4. Now you will get the result written as “You entered the contest! Keep..“, click on it.
    Step 2 Truecaller
  5. That’s it; you are done; now, your truecaller premium account will get activated for free for 30 days.
    Step 3 Truecaller

By this method, you can easily access the best services of the premium account of truecaller, and also, you can check out the details of many numbers that you can’t get in the basic account.

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