Motherboards and Graphics cards manufacturer Gigabyte on Friday has launched its new AORUS gaming line of motherboards with Intel 7 Processor Support.

GIGABYTE Launches New AORUS Gaming Motherboards

Good news gamers! Motherboards and Graphics cards manufacturer Gigabyte on Friday has launched its new AORUS Gaming line of motherboards which will support Intel’s 7/5th Generation Core processors.

AORUS Gaming Motherboards from Gigabyte offers increased performance, rich & immersive experiences and fast I/O. Gigabyte had launched three 200 series motherboards Z270X-Gaming 9, Z270X-Gaming 7, Z270X-Gaming 5.

The Z270X-Gaming 9 and Z270X-Gaming 8 includes an integrated liquid cooling blocks. These water Blocks G-Chill and G-Frost from Bits Power and EK Water Blocks can support both passive and active cooling.

Users will get numerous colors and combination to choose from because AORUS Gaming Motherboards from Gigabyte supports RGBW LED Light strips. Gigabyte on official page wrote “In addition to the white LED support on the LED pin headers, users can modify multiple sections and zones on their motherboards giving their system, even more, personality. Select models even have an Accent LED Overlay that can be swapped based on personal preference.”

Well, if you are a hardcore gamer then Airflow could be another problem. However, the Smart Fan 5 in AORUS with the help of its powerful software lets users set fans to respond to thermal sources other than the factory default settings.

Now its time to know the pricing of the Gigabyte 200 Series motherboards, the Z270X-Gaming 9 Motherboard will cost you Rs 61,800, Z270X-Gaming 7 will cost you Rs 28,500 and the Z270X-Gaming five will cost you Rs 21,600. AORUS Gaming Motherboards will debut at CES 2017.

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