We all know that the tech giant Google launched Allo, a messaging application created to be the rival of the widely used and most popular instant messaging application WhatsApp. Now, the tech giant Google will soon launch a desktop version of its instant messaging application Allo.

Google: Allo Desktop Client Is Coming In A ‘Few More Weeks’

We all know that the tech giant Google launched Allo, the messaging application created to be the rival of the widely used instant messaging app WhatsApp. The app presented in the framework of the Google I/O event which does not seem to have reached the popularity ratings it has seen, although this does not mean that the Mountain View company will lose its ambitions in the project.

While the Google Allo instant messaging application has come to stay, it’s still light years away from competition like WhatsApp, and Google’s engineers are working hard to go with a number of new features to try to get their take-off. If it has recently added several new features to the program, now Google’s instant messaging application is about to release the desired desktop version.

This has been advanced by Amit Fulay, product manager of Google Allo and Duo, who quotes only “a couple of weeks” to know the desktop version of Google Allo, and it seems will be much more complete than that of its main competitors. It is not the first time that the executive speaks about this desktop version, given glimpse since February announced its development, and last May said that it was only “a few months.”

This desktop version is expected to arrive natively, that is created in a unique way for desktop, and not like Whatsapp which is a very limited web version. Not only it would create a native version of Google Allo in Chrome, but also other browsers could benefit from its own, another way to popularize the application.

Google Allo
Google Allo

Thanks to this native version of Google Assistant which is expected to counter with great importance, allowing the user to directly interact with the voice assistant which will simply respond directly to the questions in the chat enabled, thus facilitating communication and access to the required information.

In any case, it seems that Google messaging will continue to offer various functionalities with the intention of continuing to seek a position in one of the most saturated markets that exist. Perhaps the advantage that could make a difference is its intelligent automatic responses managed by AI, a quality that for now does not seem to have reported a significant number of new followers.

So, what do you think about this new Google Allo desktop app? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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