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After several tests and beta releases, Google has finally rolled out the first stable release of Android 10 to Pixel users today. The latest version of Android 10 will hopefully come faster for other OEMs as well as Google promised that it is working with a lot of partners to upgrade their devices to Android 10 by the end of this year.

What’s new in Android 10?

The latest version of Android has a lot of improvements and new features, the new gesture system, sticker permissions, and privacy control, the all-new focus mode for disabling distracting apps, simplified notification controls, integrated family controls, and a new Dark theme.

One of the essential updates is Project Mainline that will allow Google to push necessary security patches directly via play store. So, Google wouldn’t have to wait for manufacturers to send a critical update to its customers. Phones that will upgrade from Android 9 to android 10 won’t support this feature.

However, some features of Android 10 are still in beta mode. The focus mode is going to be in beta mode. One more feature, “Live Caption” gives real-time captions for any audio or video will not be released for phones other than Pixel until later this year.

The Dark Mode rises…

According to Google, a lot of its first-party apps are working on to the new Dark theme mode, but not all of them have made the deadline for Android’s release. The popular email app, Gmail, is still not finished with working on Dark theme compatibility and it is expected to release a stable dark theme mode version later this month.

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The real MVP

The feature that has caught the attention of every android lover is the new gesture navigation system. The working mechanism is a lot similar to that of the iPhone, and it received a lot of tweaks and updates while in beta mode.

The feature is stable now, and the entire left and right edges of the screen are for navigation purposes. Though, the traditional button system is still kept as a choice for those who don’t find gestures useful.

The Android 10 update has rolled out for Pixel series, and soon it will be out for other OEMs as well.


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