We all know when Google announced the new Pixel and Pixel XL had prepared a surprise. These were the only devices in the Android universe that had access to Google Assistant. However, now it seems little different as Google is finally bringing the Google Assistant to Non-pixel and Non-Google devices.

Finally, Google Assistant Is Coming To A Lot More Android Devices

It was rumored that finally Google Assistant, until now voice assistant exclusive to the line Google Pixel, now it will reach the rest of the devices of the Android ecosystem. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has served to make official that Google Assistant will also be present in the rest of Android devices, with some exceptions, so that almost all users can use the new Google smart assistant with an Android phone out recent from next week.

This way Google Assistant will arrive at recent Android phones with Marshmallow operating system and also Nougat, except some new devices that have come out in the low range. At the moment since Google has not given any details regarding the list of phones that can take advantage of this new functionality that has been one of the sales values of the Pixel phones. Of course, it is expected that all devices that are announced from now, such as LG G6, and will have Google Assistant as standard.

The arrival of Google Assistant to Android ecosystem will be part of an update that will start launching from next week in the United States, soon after arriving in the US next will be the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

At the moment its availability for countries like India is still not known since first it will be tried in those places. The update will be staggered, so not everyone could have it on the same day.

However, to activate the Assistant simply click on the Home button and say ‘Okay Google.’ This wizard responds to the same commands as Google Now, but it is also able to respond more elaborate commands and make contextual responses, learning from the previous interactions with the user.


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