Google Assistant is a powerful smart assistant that can control smart home devices. And now it has gained control for another smart device called Smart Home Doorbells. Till now, Google was having support for only the Nest Hello doorbell.

Google Assistant can now Officially Integrate Third-party Doorbells

Google Assistant Gains Control for Smart Doorbells

Google Assistant can interact with different types of devices, as a part of their developer documentation. Once the device is listed in the extensive list, it is easy for the product developers to directly combine it with Google Assistant.

This list was last updated in July 2020, that it added open support for many entertainment devices. However, now the company has updated the list, and now the developers can create a smart doorbell that uses Assistant API.

Doorbells have two different purposes in the smart home. A doorbell integrated with assistant should notify your smart devices at home that someone has rung the bell. There are smart doorbells with more security like a camera that shows video on demand or notice when something is dropped or picked up from your door.

Google Assistant API page says,

“Doorbells can let people know someone is at the door. This device can send notifications and stream video if it has the corresponding capability”.

According to the reports, on 9to5google, Google Assistant API document says, the doorbells integrated with Assistant will offer almost all the features. All the options are nearly close to the features of the Nest Hello doorbell, which is owned by Google. It will allow other companies to create products.

The documents also say that the Assistant doorbells require latency of fewer than 2 seconds (200 ms) with 97% reliability.


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