We all know when Google announced the new Pixel and Pixel XL had prepared a surprise. These were the only devices in the Android universe that had access to Google Assistant. However, now it seems little different as Google has finally rolled out the Google Assistant to non-pixel and non-Google devices.

Google Assistant Rollout For More Android Devices

Since Google announced the end of Now there was doubt as to what the future of the official launcher of the brand would be. With Google Assistant available only to the Pixel, it was not clear if the brand would change its position.

But the doubts were clarified this week during the MWC with the announcement shortly of the availability of Google Assistant for all Android. Because Google has anticipated and Google Assistant is already available for all Android smartphones.

Google showed during the MWC that Google Assistant would be nearing Android devices. This exclusive Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones would thus make a move to the rest of the devices, with the only condition being the presence of Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher and that there is support for Google Play Services.

The end of Google Now and Now on Tap left a void that many did not believe would be populated quickly, but as we now see, Google has addressed this issue.

Google Assistant is now reaching for many smartphones, depending only on an update to Google Play Services, which is expected to arrive in the next few days.

Once installed, you only need to click the Home button to use the virtual assistant, giving you the ability to communicate directly with this virtual assistant from Google.

This opening of Google’s virtual assistant can cover a very large slice of these devices, pulling 32% of the smartphones that are on the market. In practice, there are almost 500 million devices that will be upgraded, without the need for any operator intervention.

After being already present in Android Wear 2.0 and Google Home now comes the turn of Google Assistant to reach smartphones, promising a much more direct interaction with users, using only the voice.


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