Pakistani hacker who goes by the name of Faisal 1337 hacked Google Bangladesh through DNS hijacking. The page is now been restored and is accessible to everyone.

Google Bangladesh Hacked By Pakistani Hackers

On December 19th, the visitors of Google Bangladesh witnessed the black page proclaiming that it has been “Struck by Faisal 1337”. Every user who searched for witnessed a black screen which said “Struck by Faisal 1337” along ith a message on the targeted domain taunting security measures of Google.

Let me tell you “1337” is the slang for leet or elite hackers. Google managed to redirect the visitors to the very next day. Right now has been fully restored. The page was hacked by ‘Team Pak Cyber Attacker’ and the hacker identified himself as “Faisal 1337”

Hacker also listed his Facebook profile and Hotmail address in the hacked page and the notice also says “Security is just an illusion”. Internet users in Bangladesh were shocked when they witnessed this incident. The users of Bangladesh took it to Twitter to get the clear view of what’s going on.

Although, Google is known for its hackproof services. However, hackers have found a way to hack the DNS through the registrar of the website, BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited).

Sumon Ahmed Sabir, Chief Strategy Officer for Fibre At Home, said Bdnews24 “It has been compromised. Some hacker group … they are claiming they did it, the hackers have redirected the information for ‘’ on BTCL’s DNS entry”

BTCL acknowledged the hacking attempt and said that the issue has now been restored. Director (PR) Mir Mohammad Morshed said “There had been a problem, which has been fixed”

One thing is for sure that Pakistani hackers are very active in the field of hacking websites. So, what do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.