Google Computers Can Qualify as Drivers, says US

To boost the presence of self-driving cars on roads, Google aims to start driving its cars in the coming years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration instructed Google to consider Google Self Driving System as the driver rather than people sitting inside the car.

Google Computers Can Qualify as Drivers, says US.

Previously Google’s Self Driving Car unit submitted their self-driving car project, which no longer needed a human driver.

The decision will help Google’s application to take a car with “no need for a human driver” onto the road, the letter to Google from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Chief Counsel Paul Hemmersbaugh said.

NHTSA’s letter stated that “NHTSA will interpret ‘driver’ in the context of Google’s described motor vehicle design as referring to the (self-driving system), and not to any of the vehicle occupants,”

Driver-less cars may create licensing or legal landscape problems. The Motoring law is written with human-managed vehicles; vehicle makers and tech companies are moving forward that can take control if they are allowed on the road.

However, presently Google’s Self Driving cars are permitted to operate on Roads in California, where they are currently tested.

Google’s Self Driving Cars must also have a person with a proper driving license and able to control it in the event of an emergency. That means an individual can also control Google’s Self Driving Cars.

According to NHTSA, Google and the authority will work together until they show that the Human Driver and Google System can drive the car.

It seems that Google computers may soon replace human drivers in Cars. Google is not the sole tech company working on Self Driving Cars.

Its rivals include Toyota, Tesla, Uber, and a few more companies working on a technology that may soon replace Human Drivers. Give your opinions about the driver-less cars that may soon roll on the roads.


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