Normally when we surf the Internet we usually do it always within the same session, but it is the most insecure way in terms of privacy since websites can easily track us. Hence, today we will show you all an extension for Firefox which is known as Google Container simply to isolate Google.

Meet The New Google Container For Firefox To Isolate Google

Normally when we surf the Internet we usually do it always within the same session. This is the most comfortable since it allows us to navigate to any page without having to be aware of making any configuration, but it is also the most insecure in terms of privacy, since websites can easily track us and know which websites we come from what webs are we going to Luckily, it is possible to improve our privacy a bit and fight against this crawl if we use Firefox and take advantage of the containers offered by this browser.

The containers of Firefox arrived at the navigator already something more than a year. This feature allows us, within the same browser window, to have several spaces isolated from each other so that everything we do in one of these containers is not accessible to the tabs outside the container or other containers.

We have already explained to you on other occasions how these containers help us, for example, to prevent Facebook, YouTube or other social networks from knowing which pages we visit or our tastes and interests. On this occasion, the Google Container seeks to offer us the same layer of privacy as the other containers, but this time for each time we open Google in the browser.

How Google Container works

Google Container is an unofficial extension of Mozilla or Google developed so that every time we open Google in Firefox the web will open automatically in an isolated container that cannot access our history or the rest of the open tabs we have.

This extension is completely free and open source, although the fastest and easiest way to use it is by downloading the extension already compiled directly from the Mozilla extension store.

Once the extension is installed, it will already work in our browser. In this way, every time we open Google in Firefox, the browser will isolate the web in a container, preventing the Internet giant from gathering more information about our browser session.

The rest of web pages that we open from the browser will do so in the main session of it. In addition, if we access a web directly from Google, this new page will load outside this container, completely preventing Google from knowing which page we visit and what we do once we get there.

Other Google websites, such as YouTube (although we have installed the YouTube Container extension, we will have to uninstall it, as it is incompatible with it) or Gmail, will also load insulated within this container, preventing these websites from being used by the tech giant Google.

Internet to track us through the network in the same way. In addition, all websites will work without problems despite being running inside this container, so we should have no problem using this browser or any of its services, only improve our privacy.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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