As we all know, Google has been working on Foldable devices for a long time. Though it seems that the company put the project on hold, now its specs & launch suggestions have started coming again.

Google is also planning its Pixel series smartwatch, whose real-life images recently leaked online.

Ross Young from Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) has suggested information about device launch and device outer display changes compared to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Google Pixel Fold Might Retain 5.8-inch Outer Display

Google Pixel Fold Might Retain 5.8-inch Outer Display
credits: Waqar Khan

As Ross Young reported last year, Google might be canceling the Pixel Fold due to some in-capability of software. Still, with the changes in Android 13, it started continuing the development of the device.

Young mainly suggests in his Twitter post that Google Pixel Fold will have the same display size as Samsung’s Z Fold 4 features, but the Pixel Fold might have some changes in the outward display of the handset.

The outer display of the Google Pixel Fold is around 5.8-inch which is smaller than Samsung’s because Z Fold 4 has a 6.19-inch display. As a result, Pixel Fold will provide a wider aspect ratio.

It might be a positive change because, as the earlier problem was coming from users that the outer display of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 is difficult to use at moments due to its lean display.

Also, According to Young tweet, The Pixel Fold may launch in Q4 of 2022, which might be in October month. Chances are high Google Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro will also debut alongside.

Earlier, It was said to be launched in Q3 2022, but due to the time-delayed production and the launch & adaptation of Android 13, it is set for Q4 2022.

At the latest, the Pixel Fold price has been reported by 9to5google, which is $1,400, which means it is way less than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Galaxy Fold 4.


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