Google Deleted an Artist's Blog, Along with 14 Years of His work
Google Deleted an Artist's Blog, Along with 14 Years of His work

An American artist, as well as a writer Dennis cooper was in a very intense shock when he found that his Gmail account has been removed, along with all his data and blog. Dennis cooper used to run his blog in Google-owned platform Blogger.

Google Deleted an Artist’s Blog, Along with 14 Years of His work

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was later acquired by Google in 2003. The American artist and writer Dennis Cooper has proclaimed that Tech Giant Google has removed his entire blog without any information or warning.

Google not only removed Dennis Cooper’s entire blog but it has also erased the 14 years of work in the process. After the deletion of the blog the readers of Dennis Cooper’s blog have been greeted with the message “Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs”

Dennis Cooper also reported that he never did any backup or archive anywhere via Facebook messages “Nothing on the blog is backed-up or archived anywhere else, as far as I know,”

On June 28, Dennis Cooper reported the issue and announced on Facebook that his Google Blog which contains experimental writings, photos, visual arts and personal updates had been taken offline due to a violation of the company’s terms of services.

Dennis Cooper also said that he got no response from Google regarding why they have removed the blog which contains 14 years of hard work “I can’t even get a response from them or anything. I have no idea why they did it or what’s going on”

Dennis cooper said in one of the Facebook Post “There seems to be some major stonewalling coming from somewhere, but I don’t know where or why”

Cooper is still not sure whether Google has just temporary disabled the blog or removed it permanently. Some people claimed that that the content which was published on Cooper’s blog was found sexual in nature. On the other hand, Cooper’s blog was also behind an 18+ age according to Google’s terms and condition.

Dennis Cooper’s latest GIF novel which is expected to be published this September was also saved on the deleted blog. Dennis Cooper said “Of all the things about this that concern and worry me, losing that novel is my greatest fear”

Dennis Cooper had also mentioned something important for another artist out there “As long as you back everything up. I don’t see really the danger. But if you’re at the mercy of Google or some place like Google, obviously I’m a living example of not to be blind like that and think that everything is hunky-dory”

Dennis Cooper still has a hope that public pressure may force Google to respond and he had also said that he can even sue the search giant Google in order to regain his blog “If Google doesn’t respond and rectify the situation, I won’t have any choice but to sue them”